See Green Lantern Get Wrecked By Another DC Hero In New Clip

The DCAU is one of the best things about the comic company, and a new clip has emerged showing Green Lantern being beaten by another DC hero.

By James Brizuela | Published

green lantern

DC might be a bit of a mess when it comes to the direction the DCEU is taking, but one thing is for sure, the DCAU is still in great hands. The DC animated universe is one of the glowing parts of the comic corporation. In fact, we would argue that DC does one thing far better than Marvel and that is producing some of the best animated comic features in the world. That is certainly the case for the upcoming film, Green Lantern: Beware My Power. The world has been gifted with a scene of Hawkgirl fighting with Green Lantern. The full movie is going to premiere at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. You can see the clip below:

The above quick battle happens between a very angry Hawkgirl and an unsuspecting Green Lantern. In the current DCAU continuity, Green Lantern is John Stewart instead of the classic Hal Jordan. Stewart is shown attempting to recharge his ring when Hawkgirl comes in swinging with her iconic mace. Apparently, she is deeply upset about something and goes after everyone in the Justice League. In the above clip, only Green Arrow comes in to attempt to save Stewart from receiving a tough beating.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power is the third DCAU that centers around the Green Lantern Corps. This is also the first film that stars John Stewart as the wielder of the green ring. Green Lantern: First Flight and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights were the films that preceded this one. Beware My Power is also the first film that sees John Stewart take on the role of an Emerald Knight. The film is also part of a larger arc within the DCAU known as the Tomorrowverse. The first film that is involved in this art was the 2020 feature, Superman: Man of Tomorrow. Also, within the Tomorrowverse is the comic adapted story, Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1 & 2, and Justice Society: World War II. The Tomorrowverse is meant to showcase animated films that are connected and contain the same type of animated style and continuity.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power follows John Stewart, who is a recently discharged Marine sniper. He is at a point in his life where he must figure things out, only to discover the ring that transforms him into the Green Lantern on Earth. Now he must join the Justice League which includes Green Arrow, Adam Strange, and Hawkgirl. We know she is attacking him in the above clip, but that is sure to be explained in the film. A fun factoid is Aldis Hodge does the voice of Jon Stewart, and he is set to portray Hawkman in the DCEU film, Black Adam.

Green Lantern: Beware My Power will be debuting at Comic-Con on Friday, July 22nd in Ballroom 20. Anyone who happens to be attending the annual convention might want to make sure they have tickets to this event. There is no telling when the film will premiere on HBO Max, but we would assume it would happen sometime soon. HBO Max has certainly transformed itself into the headquarters for most of the DC content.