See Chris Hemsworth Confirm Extraction 2 Filming While Covered In Snow

By Doug Norrie | 1 hour ago

chris hemsworth extraction 2

When we last left Chris Hemsworth at the end of Extraction it sure seemed like he had plunged his bullet-riddled body over the side of a bridge, and was laying on the bottom of the river dead. But then, in the closing moments of the movie, we saw a blurred figure in the background looking over Ovi in the swimming pool and there was a glimmer of hope that Tyler Rake was, in fact, still very much alive. Well, now we know that to be a certainty with Hemsworth set to return to action in Extraction 2. He recently announced, in a pretty cool way, that the movie was currently filming and the setting is much different than the first. 

Chris Hemsworth took to Instagram to celebrate the first day of filming on Extraction 2 and noted some of the very clear differences between this flick and the first one. It’s snowing all around him as he barrels down the train tracks somewhere in Prague. He’s with director Sam Hargraves and they are clearly gearing up for something very cool. Check out what Hemsworth posted and get pumped for the follow-up story in this budding franchise. 

While the first movie took place, mostly, in Bangladesh, a significantly warmer climate, this one will have Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake dealing with a much different setting. It doesn’t appear like the snow in Prague that we see in the Instagram post is part of the story necessarily, but the city will likely be the focal point of the action much like we saw with Dhaka in the first one. And Hemsworth mentions that Extraction 2 will deal with how he happened to live through the violence of the first movie. Again, we knew it was possible but it sure seemed improbable considering the kind of punishment he took through the first flick, especially at the end. 

In the original Extraction, Chris Hemsworth played Tyler Rake, a former SASR op-turned mercenary who is tasked with finding, saving, and yes extracting the son of an Indian drug lord out of Dhaka. The movie is an intense and frenetic action flick, bottled in the city with long, single-shot fight sequences that raise the blood pressure considerably. While light on story, that matters little in the context of the movie and Hemsworth is excellent, playing a pained fighter looking for even a modicum of redemption. 

It is likely that Sam Hargraves and writer Joe Russo (of Marvel fame) have now figured out a totally new mission for Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake and it’s unclear if anyone from the original will be returning for the sequel Extraction 2. The first movie was a total hit for Netflix. At the time of its release, it was the most-watched Netflix original movie to date. It’s since been eclipsed, but the numbers did point an easy picture of why the streamer would want to cue up a sequel. And that’s what we are going to get. Extraction 2 is set to hit the streamer sometime in 2023.