Extraction 2

  • Director: Sam Hargrave
  • Screenplay: Joe Russo
  • Studio: Netflix
  • Release: June 16, 2023

While Extraction 2 will bring back Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, the rest of the cast outside of Golshifteh Farahani will be relatively new. In this one, our character finds himself in a new place with all new issues.

Extraction 2 Cast

Released on the last weekend of April 2020, Extraction arrived on Netflix at a time when movie theaters weren’t open and all the summer movies were canceled. So, audiences were starved for a blockbuster and watched it in huge, huge numbers. Extraction has been a massive hit for Netflix so they’re already working on the sequel. Extraction 2 is happening.

Word is that the deal Netflix had made with the movie’s producers, the Russo brothers, included a sequel option. They’re now exercising that option and the Russo brothers already have a few sequel plans.

This could even become a much bigger franchise. Let’s take a look at everything we know about Extraction 2.


In early April 2022, director Sam Hargave took to Instagram to confirm that Extraction 2 has wrapped filming. The director told his social media followers he’d just finished an “amazing journey” and that he was “excited” for fans to see what he and the rest of the cast and crew had in story. You can see that video below.

Chris Hemsworth finished his leg of shooting in late March 2022. Once his part of the job was a wrap, the actor gathered the cast and crew to congratulate and thank them for helping to make Extraction 2. You can see the clip below.

Chris Hemsworth Has Fun On The Set

If you’re a fan of Chris Hemsworth and you aren’t following his Instagram, you should remedy that immediately. The star has a lot of fun posting funny videos to social media, and the production of Extraction 2 has been no exception. For example, there’s the clip below where he jokes around on the sidelines of a fiery fight scene, as some of his co-stars are literally on fire.

Then there was his February 2022 video where he claimed to be showing off “the greatest and most difficult stunt” anyone had ever attempted. It turns out to be something else entirely. You can see that clip below.


Netflix dropped the first trailer for Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth before filming for the sequel even began. During their Tudum event, they confirmed that Tyler Drake is very much alive and back for the sequel. See the teaser below:


The numbers are in and Netflix had revealed that the original Extraction was, at the time, their most watch movie of all time. Star Chris Hemsworth responded with this message to his fans…

Can’t thank everyone enough for the continued support of Extraction! Still going strong and sitting at number 1 biggest film ever for Netflix. You guys are the greatest!

– –Chris Hemsworth

But because Netflix is always going bigger and bigger, this didn’t last all that long. Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot overtook Extraction to be the most-watched movie on the streaming platform.


Of course, the biggest priority for Extraction 2 was bringing back Chris Hemsworth. If you’ve seen Extraction then you know it ends on a sort of ambiguous note and it’s not entirely clear if his character, Tyler Rake, actually survives.

That problem could be solved with some time jumps. The movie’s director Sam Hargrave had this to say about their ideas for Extraction 2: “…there have been discussions of different storylines that could take place in different times – both forward in time and backwards in time.”

Ideally, though they won’t go the prequel route. Since the ending is ambiguous I’d rather see them come up with some ridiculous excuse for Rake’s survival in Extraction 2. Move the story forward, please.

As for whether Hemsworth would be willing to come back for Extraction 2… consider his movie resume. Outside of the Avengers, Extraction has been his best reviewed movie. In our Extraction review we said of Hemsworth’s performance, “…the fit is natural for Hemsworth and it’s easy to believe him in the role.”

When all is said and done, Extraction will also probably be Hemsworth’s most-watched non-Avengers movie. Until Extraction, it wasn’t really certain whether he’d actually have a career as a movie star outside of playing Thor. He’s tried different things like Snow White And The Huntsman, but none of it really worked. If Hemsworth has had any success outside of the Avengers it’s mostly been in great comedic supporting roles in movies like the Ghostbusters reboot.

But now he’s got something going as a legit leading man. He’d be insane not to run with it right into Extraction 2. Given that and Chris Hemsworth’s relationship with the Russos, he should be a lock to return for Extraction 2.


Rumor had it that one of the Russo Brothers’ ideas for the sequel involves having Chris Hemsworth’s character team up with another Avengers actor. This time the Russos were hoping to bring in Chris Evans.

Given the success they had with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame you have to assume that pretty much any of the Avengers actors will be more than willing to jump in and work with them again.

But this isn’t going to be the case. Instead, Chris Evans played in another Russo Brothers movie, as the villain in The Gray Man.


So far, there’s no official word on a release date for Extraction 2. Early reports put the streaming date in May 2022, but considering principal photography didn’t wrap until early April, that seems unlikely. The first film took wrapped production in March 2019 and didn’t begin streaming on Netflix until late April 2020.

Assuming the filmmakers have learned some streamlining lessons since making the first film, at the earliest we’re looking at a late 2022 release, or perhaps early 2023.

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