See Chris Hemsworth Looking Beat Up In Extraction 2 First Look

By Michileen Martin | 15 seconds ago

chris hemsworth extraction 2

That’s right Marvel fans — Thor isn’t Chris Hemsworth’s only popular action franchise. Last year the Australian actor made his debut as black ops mercenary Tyler Rake in Netflix’s Extraction. Now Extraction 2 is on the way, and Hemsworth just posted a set of pictures from the set, and his character looks like he’s been through the proverbial ringer.

The images come from Chris Hemsworth’s official Instagram account. In the first photo, Hemsworth appears to be in character as Tyler Rake while reaching the top of a ladder leading to some kind of platform — possibly a train. As well as probably being a little chilly considering the snow in the background and falling around Rake, the hero looks like he’s already seen plenty of action at this point in the story. He has at least a couple of cuts on his face and forehead, with traces of blood all over. You can see the images below.

The second image is of Chris Hemsworth with Extraction 2 director Sam Hargrave. The pair also appeared in a brief video on Hemsworth’s Instagram last week. In the clip, the Thor actor explained that they were in Prague, Czech Republic filming Extraction 2. He also mentioned that, yes, Tyler Rake is alive in spite of how things ended in the first film. How is he alive? “You’re gonna have to find out,” Hemsworth teased.

The snowy setting of Prague contrasts sharply from the first chapter in the film series. Extraction is set mostly in Bangladesh — with principal photography taking place in India and Thailand — where Chris Hemsworth’s character is tasked with saving Ovi Mahajan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) from kidnappers. Things go sideways after Tyler Rake gets ahold of the young Ovi, and the hero is forced to decide whether to accept a relatively easy extraction from Bangladesh while leaving the boy behind, or fighting his way through seemingly impossible odds in hopes of saving Ovi’s life.

Extraction received generally positive reviews from critics, and its debut weekend on Netflix saw it shoot up to the #1 spot of all streamed content on the service. Netflix reported, per Deadline, that in the first month of its release, 90 million households streamed Extraction, giving the Chris Hemsworth action flick the biggest premiere in Netflix history at that point. It’s kept that title as far as Netflix original films are concerned, but out of overall Netflix original content, Extraction was knocked out of the #1 spot this year by Squid Game.

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The first Extraction was written by former Marvel Cinematic Universe architect Joe Russo, based on the 2014 graphic novel Ciudad. Russo has returned to write the sequel, and according to what he said at last year’s CCXP (via Collider), we may be seeing action leads beyond Chris Hemsworth in future Extraction spin-offs. He teased the possibility of an Extrraction-based “cinematic universe,” and gave the example of having David Harbour’s Gaspar from the first film leading his own movie.

Whether or not we see Extraction branch out into its own series of spinoffs, Extraction 2 is expected to stream on Netflix sometime in the second half of 2022. Little is known about the story or cast, though Chris Hemsworth is returning as Tyler Rake. The sequel will be directed by Sam Hargrave from a script by Joe Russo.