See Chris Hemsworth Celebrate Filming Extraction 2 In Epic Fashion

By Dan Lawrence | 3 months ago

chris hemsworth extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth took to Instagram yesterday to give his followers a pretty epic glimpse into what he has been up to recently. The ‘what’ in question is filming the hotly anticipated sequel to Netflix hit ExtractionThe Thor: Ragnarok star shared a series of snaps and videos after last week’s filming for Extraction 2 in Austria.

Chris Hemsworth’s week looks to consist of Skiing, Snowboarding, and heavy consumption of meats and Schnapps. Not a bad way to spend one’s time in anyone’s book. You can see the images in the post below. 

This reaffirms details that fans have already been made privy to in regards to the location of Extraction 2Whereas the first installment took place in the hot and humid climate of Dhaka, Bangladesh, filming for the sequel has constantly been in colder climates. This marks a significant departure from the first film and Chris Hemsworth’s mercenary Tyler Rake is in new territory. 

Chris Hemsworth’s first turn as Tyler Rake was a huge hit for Netflix, and became its most watched-original movie upon its release in 2020, surpassing 90 million views in its first month of streaming. The film saw reclusive mercenary Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) tasked with protecting a ganglord’s son from a criminal rival in the hot and hectic Dhaka, Bangladesh. Things turn sideways on the mission and what follows is relentless non-stop action.

The film was produced by Anthony and Joe Russo (yes, those guys who helmed the biggest superhero movie of all time) and was directed by newcomer Sam Hargrave, who has returned to helm the sequel. Not only was Chris Hemsworth and Extraction a huge hit with audiences on Netflix, but it didn’t fair too badly with critics either. The film is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and top British critic Mark Kermode speaks on how the film’s strength comes from action, saying; “The sheer orchestration of some of the action set pieces is really quite breathtaking.”

Fans waiting to see Chris Hemsworth fighting bad guys amidst a flurry of blood and gore in Extraction 2, won’t have to wait for long. Netflix announced that the film is in its slate of releases for 2022. However, an official date has yet to be confirmed.

chris hemsworth extraction 2

This marks quite the year for Chris Hemsworth, as his return as the mighty Norse God of Thunder is due in July, in Marvel’s Thor: Love and ThunderTyler Rake is regarded as one of Hemsworth’s most iconic roles outside of Marvel, fans of the Australian actor are in for a fantastic year. Chris Hemsworth’s fourth outing as Thor will surely sustain impatient Extraction fans who await any type of content in relation to the Netflix action-thriller.

Fans have already been teased with an image of Tyler Rake in the new movie, and of course, Netflix released a teaser last year confirming the sequel. Whether a full feature trailer is coming soon remains to be seen, but with another important week of filming under Chris Hemsworth’s belt, it can’t be far around the corner. It is sure to be watched in droves by the Netflix faithful, as most likely will the film itself when it eventually hits the streamer.