See Chris Hemsworth Still Alive In The Extraction 2 Trailer

Chris Hemsworth is back at it in the Extraction 2 trailer.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Extraction 2 is happening. The Chris Hemsworth action film was a huge hit for Netflix, so a sequel makes sense for the streaming service. However, there’s a giant question mark around whether a sequel will make sense for audiences. After all, how did Tyler Drake (Chris Hemsworth) survive that ending, exactly? In fact, did he survive? The minds behind the first movie didn’t actually have an answer for that at first. In fact, they had strongly considered making a prequel movie when they got the green light for a new Extraction project. Fortunately, they didn’t go that route. Prequels are often terrible. Instead, we have a new trailer for a new Netflix movie today.

Watch Chris Hemsworth dive ahead in the Extraction 2 trailer below.

What is it that Netflix is doing in this trailer exactly? If you saw Extraction, then you’ll recognize that most of this is actually the ending of the first film. There’s Chris Hemsworth, going over the bridge into the river. Possibly to this death, but the audience is left to decide that on their own. The vague ending was a decision the writer and director chose on purpose. But then in the Extraction 2 trailer, we see Chris Hemsworth under the water. He’s been shot, he’s fallen underwater… and then Extraction 2 presumably picks up. Chris Hemsworth has his eyes closed. He should be dying, or dead already. But then he hears a voice saying, “You drown, not by falling into the river, but by staying submerged in it.”

And then Chris Hemsworth is suddenly just fine and he swims up to the surface. #RakeLives flashes across the screen, some celebratory tough guy music plays, and Netflix lets you know that this movie is happening–even if they aren’t willing to tell audiences a release date yet.

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When they ran Extraction by test audiences, the ending wasn’t the vague one seen at the film’s release. Test audience reactions made it clear that some people wanted to see Tyler Drake die and others wanted to see him live. They felt strongly about this, and it had a huge effect on whether audiences enjoyed the film. For that reason, they decided the vague ending Netflix eventually streamed for audiences was the best way to satisfy everyone. A viewer could decide for themselves whether Chris Hemsworth lived or died. Of course, that left them with problems for Extraction 2, but they decided that a sequel wasn’t guaranteed, and wouldn’t happen if no one liked the first one. So they went with it.

Now, based on this trailer, it seems a safe bet that Extraction 2 may only briefly answer the question of how it is exactly that Chris Hemsworth survives being shot and then falling into the river. The faster they skim past that part, the better really. The trailer gives off heavy action movie vibes, which is always great, but in a tone that wasn’t exactly what we saw in the first film. The first movie could sometimes take itself more seriously. It’ll be interesting to see how the tone is handled in the sequel. If it leans a little harder into the action movie trope of “I lived because I’m awesome”, well, probably all the better. Why not have more fun this time around?