The Best Action Franchises Streaming On Netflix

By Doug Norrie | Published

Netflix is known for having one of the biggest streaming libraries going with plenty of titles for just about any movie interest. And in that catalog are a number of different action movie franchise options that users can stream right now. Each of these packs a punch (literally and figuratively) and are perfect for a back-to-back (and -to-back) binge whenever you have time.

Carve those hours out now and start streaming these action movie franchises on Netflix.


chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor, delves deep into the action-packed world of mercenaries in Netflix’s Extraction and its sequel, Extraction 2. In this action movie franchise, Tyler Rake, a fearless mercenary entangled in high-stakes rescue missions, Hemsworth delivers intense performances that balance brute force with raw emotion.

Set against the backdrop of international crime, the Extraction series showcases Hemsworth navigating treacherous terrains, from the bustling streets of Dhaka to covert operations in undisclosed locations. Director Sam Hargrave masterfully combines high-octane action sequences with a narrative rich in emotional depth.

The action movie franchise has solidified Hemsworth’s reputation as a modern action icon, with Extraction 2 building on the momentum of its predecessor. For those seeking thrilling action coupled with heart, the Extraction series on Netflix promises an electrifying ride.


spider-man 2 netflix action movie franchises

Before superhero films dominated the cinematic landscape, Tobey Maguire swung into our hearts as the iconic Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. These early 2000s action movie franchise films laid the groundwork for what would become a superhero film renaissance, combining heartfelt storytelling with captivating action.

The trilogy kicked off with 2002’s Spider-Man, introducing us to Maguire’s Peter Parker—a relatable, awkward teenager who acquires superhuman abilities after a spider bite. The film gracefully navigates Peter’s journey from an ordinary young man to New York City’s web-slinging savior, highlighting both the exhilaration and burdens of heroism.

Spider-Man 2 delves deeper into Peter’s struggle to balance personal responsibilities with his superhero duties, while facing off against Dr. Otto Octavius, a new formidable foe. This sequel is often hailed for its thematic depth and compelling villain.

The trilogy’s final installment, Spider-Man 3, brings an ensemble of antagonists, including Sandman and Venom, pushing Peter to confront his inner demons and the darker aspects of his powers.

Maguire’s portrayal remains one of the most beloved takes on Spider-Man. His earnest and genuine performance captures the essence of Peter Parker, showcasing vulnerability, determination, and heart.

Raimi’s Spider-Man series with Maguire at the helm not only set a precedent for future superhero films but also remains an enduring classic in its own right, capturing the imagination and hearts of audiences worldwide.

The Expendables

The Expendables 4 action movie franchises

Brimming with hard-hitting action, explosive stunts, and a star-studded ensemble, The Expendables action movie franchise, led by Sylvester Stallone, has been a roller-coaster ride of adrenaline for action aficionados worldwide. Showcasing iconic action stars from the ’80s and ’90s, the films serve as a testament to the genre’s golden era while injecting contemporary thrills.

The saga commenced with 2010’s The Expendables, uniting legends like Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Dolph Lundgren under one banner. The elite mercenary group, with their camaraderie and combat prowess, embarked on high-risk missions, leaving a trail of exhilarating chaos in their wake.

Sequels followed suit, furthering the stakes and expanding the team with more renowned action stars, creating an unparalleled cinematic spectacle. The films deftly blend nostalgia with modern action set pieces, making for a must-watch for both longtime fans and new-generation viewers.

Now, whispers in the action circuit reveal that the legacy is far from over. Gear up, as the fourth installment, aptly titled The Expend4bles, is on the horizon. While details remain under wraps, one thing is certain: audiences should prepare for another action-packed adventure, as the beloved team reunites for what promises to be their most explosive mission yet.