See Chris Hemsworth In A Fiery Fight Scene For Extraction 2

By Michileen Martin | 2 months ago

chris hemsworth extraction 2

Whether or not you were a fan of the 2020 Chris Hemsworth led action thriller Extraction, there is one undeniable fact you have to admit. You might not be partial to all the bloodletting of Extraction or the upcoming Extraction 2. The fact that the first film features an action sequence in which the Thor actor fights actual children could understandably rub you the wrong way. But no matter what, the truth is that following Hemsworth’s updates about the making of the sequel can be as fun as an entertaining feature all on their own. The actor’s latest update, about a fiery fight scene, is no exception.

Chris Hemsworth posted the video earlier today, from behind the cameras while other actors and stunt performers filmed the scene. While it’s difficult to say with complete certainty, it looks like the scene being filmed is of a prison riot, with a number of the performers set ablaze while presumably wearing protective material. You can see men dressed in what appears to be riot police gear, including a number of the actors who look to be on fire. Meanwhile, Hemsworth jokes from the sidelines. You can see the video below.

As the actors playing combatants tussle — some of them on fire — Chris Hemsworth says, “Just another quiet day on Extraction. Peaceful, serene.” Most of the rest of what the actor says is drowned out by the noises from the scene, though we’re guessing there was some more joking around going on.

It’s tough to not think of one of the last updatescChris Hemsworth gave fans back in February. The actor posted a video of himself looking like he was about to perform some stunt or perhaps rehearse one of the complex fight sequences Extraction did so well. Hilariously, it turns out it’s all a lead up to something much more mundane, as you can see below.

There haven’t yet been a lot of details announced about the plot of Extraction 2, however the big question on a lot of fans’ minds will no doubt be whether or not there will be a satisfactory answer to how Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) survives the events of the first film. Toward the end of Extraction, the hero appears to be killed. The already beaten and bloodied Rake appears to be shot in the throat. He stumbles to the edge of a bridge and falls into the water below. The first teaser trailer for Extraction 2, released in September, replays the moment with the addition of Rake — at the last minute — waking at the bottom of the river and pushing himself toward the surface. You can watch the teaser below.

We don’t have a release date yet for Extraction 2, but whenever it streams, it may only be the very beginning of an expanding cinematic universe. Joe Russo is a writer on both movies, and has spoken about other narrative opportunities. He gave the example of giving David Harbour’s Extraction character Gaspar his own film.