Exclusive: Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction 2 Details Revealed

We now have exclusive details for Chris Hemsworth's future in Extraction 2. Here's what happens.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Whether you loved or hated the ambiguous ending for Netflix’s Extraction, there was something admittedly respectable about giving the movie an ending that they believed in, all while they had to know it would make a sequel difficult. Many movies today are written with setting up a sequel in mind. Building a franchise becomes a priority that often wins out over intentions for the story. However, Extraction 2 now faces some story obstacles after the first movie ended with Chris Hemsworth’s fate being left up to the viewer. Is his character even alive? How will the writers handle it? Are they going to make the sequel into a prequel? Is this going to be any good at all? Now, we have some answers on what to expect. Giant Freakin Robot has exclusively learned details from one of our trusted and proven inside sources of the story ahead.

We have learned that Extraction 2 will pick up with Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth’s character) working a new situation after having barely survived the end of the last movie. That’s right: the timeline is continuing on and moving ahead. We were unable to learn the details of how it’s explained in the script that Chris Hemsworth’s character survived the end of the movie. It seems likely that this will be a brief explanation and Extraction 2 will simply move on and dive into the new international problem that Tyler Rake is trying to resolve.

The first movie for Netflix largely took place in Bangladesh. This time around, Tyler Rake is going to be working hard to save the family of a Georgian gangster. Saving the abused wife and teenage son of the gangster have now become the responsibility of Chris Hemsworth’s character. While he will manage to break into a prison and save the family, safely bringing them to Australia, that’s when the real trouble begins. Fellow mob members will be working to track down Tyler Rake and get their revenge.

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Some people have previously assumed that Tyler Rake would be returning to the same place in the second movie, possibly working with the child from the first film. It was probably a stronger story decision to move things along and have Tyler Rake in a new situation, this time dealing with Georgian gangsters and eventually moving the story to the streets of Sydney, Australia. By establishing that Rake works multiple jobs, there’s more room for doing the same in future sequels if Hemsworth and Netflix keep going with this series.

Previously in interviews, it’s been said that they weren’t sure what to do with the script. They had debated going back in time or forward in time with the story. When they wrote the ambiguous ending to Extraction, they did so after audience testing. Some people wanted to see Tyler Rake die and others wanted to see him live. The ambiguous ending, they figured, would let the audience decide for themselves what happened to Chris Hemsworth’s character. This way, they could please everyone.

It worked out for them, as now we’re getting Extraction 2. However, will picking up the sequel by saying he barely survived and is back in action cheapen the ending of the first one for the people who wanted to assume he’d died? Possibly. However, going back in time for a prequel would have likely been less satisfying. Moving the story forward has a lot more potential for future films as well. While simply having Tyler Rake survive and moving forward may be a little simple, it sounds like it may make a better action movie in the end.