See Chris Hemsworth Share Dangerous Stunts From Extraction

By Apeksha Bagchi | 13 seconds ago

chris hemsworth

When Sam Hargrave’s debut feature, the action thriller Extraction, premiered on Netflix in 2020, it went on to become the most-watched film on the streamer with 99 million households streaming it within the first four weeks of its debut. But looks like the Chris Hemsworth starrer is not done winning accolades as at the recently held 2021 Tauras World Stunt Awards, the film took home three major awards!

The big news was shared by Chris Hemsworth himself who took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone achieved by Extraction. While films like Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984, etc also won prizes, Extraction won “Best Fight,” “Hardest Hit,” and “Best Sunt Coordinator and/or 2nd Unit Director.” The actor shared a behind-the-scenes video of shooting some of the most dangerous stunts for the film back in 2018-19 and in its caption, he thanked the stunt team of the film for making Extraction the “massive success” it still continues to be. He has further confirmed that Extraction 2, whose teaser was recently shared at Netflix’s Tudum event, is set to begin its production soon. Check out his post below:

While the massive success of the film back in 2020 led to hyped discussions about a sequel and Joe Russo, who penned the first film, even closed a deal to make Extraction 2, it was only recently confirmed that Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake was definitely returning for a new set of adventures. The first film saw Tyler hired as a mercenary to rescue Ovi Mahajan, the son of an incarcerated Indian drug lord. Mahajan has been kidnapped by his father’s rival and taken to Dhaka, Bangladesh. By the end of the film, Tyler had bonded with Ovi and managed to ensure his safety at the cost of his own life, though the closing minutes of the film did give hope that he has trumped death once again. 

The recently released teaser of Extraction 2 has confirmed that Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler had indeed survived. The teaser mostly showcases the ending of the first film, wherein Tyler is shot and then falls off a bridge into the waters below as Ovi watches in horror, unable to save his savior. However, it goes on to then reveal what happened next. Given the fatal bullet wound he suffered, Tyler appeared to be dead when he fell, but then he hears Mahajan’s voice telling him that “You drown, not by falling into the river, but by staying submerged in it” and his eyes snap open. As #RakeLives flashes across the screen, he strives to reach the surface despite his grave injuries. But sadly, Netflix hasn’t even shared a tentative release date for the film and has instead labeled Extraction 2 as “coming soon.”

At the moment, Chris Hemsworth is busy with his intense workout regime to get into shape for his comeback as Tyler Rake, a glimpse of which he recently shared on Instagram. While the release date of Extraction 2 remains uncertain, we will soon be seeing Hemsworth in the science fiction film Escape from Spiderhead alongside Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett. This will be followed by the actor reprising his role as Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor in Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder set to release on May 6, 2022.