Breaking Bad Star Gets Fast & Furious In This Streaming Crime Thriller

By Chad Langen | Published

Aaron Paul in Need for Speed

For fans of high-speed car races and thrilling tales, there’s exciting news: Need for Speed is now available for streaming on Paramount+. Released in 2014, this movie sought to mirror the fast-paced and rubber-burning excitement of the beloved video game franchise that served as its inspiration. Despite the difficulty of making the leap from gaming to the big screen, Need for Speed races ahead, blending a storyline filled with revenge and competition with the heart-pounding world of underground car racing.

Need for Speed, starring Aaron Paul, is streaming on Paramount+.

Need for Speed centers on Tobey Marshall, a skilled mechanic and former local racer, who is knee-deep in financial struggles as he tries to keep his father’s garage afloat in upstate New York. His circumstances drive him and his crew to street race their classic muscle cars to gather enough funds for bank payments. However, Tobey’s life takes a sharp turn when his old rival Dino, now a successful professional racer and car dealership owner, re-enters the scene during a local celebration, bearing an offer that promises to solve Tobey’s financial woes.

Dino presents Tobey with an opportunity to work on a rare Ford Mustang with the aim of selling it at an auction, offering him a percentage of the sales that could save his garage. Despite his crew’s hesitations, Tobey takes on the project due to his dire need for money.

Post-auction, the car’s performance is doubted by a potential buyer, leading to a heated competition on a racetrack between Tobey and Dino, which then spirals into a dangerous race involving Dino’s expensive imported cars, culminating in a tragic accident that kills Tobey’s friend Little Pete, while Dino flees the scene, leaving Tobey to face a manslaughter charge.

Need for Speed

The storyline of Need for Speed further unravels with Tobey stepping out from behind bars two years later, resolute in joining a winner-takes-all race coordinated by DJ Monarch in pursuit of avenging Little Pete’s tragic end. Tobey races against time across the country to reach the race’s starting point in California, facing numerous obstacles from law enforcement and bounty hunters hired by Dino. The story throttles towards a gripping conclusion in San Francisco, where Tobey and Dino finally confront one another in a high-stakes race.

Based on the video game of the same name, Need for Speed grafted a revenge tale onto the racing franchise.

The cast and crew of Need for Speed come together to form a pit crew of seasoned film industry professionals, orchestrating the pulse-pounding races and capturing the raw emotion exuded by the characters. Among them, Aaron Paul’s transition from a small-screen anti-hero in Breaking Bad to a big-screen protagonist is pivotal, carrying the hefty weight of audience expectations, molded from his earlier Emmy Award-winning performance.

The movie also witnesses a collective of talent with the likes of Imogen Poots, who plays the savvy car dealer Julia Maddon, and director Scott Waugh, who leverages his stunt background to inject a dose of authenticity into the death-defying car sequences seen in the film.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed had a moderate box office performance, earning approximately $203 million worldwide. While it managed to recoup its production budget of $66 million, it fell short of being a major blockbuster. Despite its strong focus on high-octane racing and action sequences, it faced tough competition during its release and didn’t achieve the same level of financial success as some other contemporary action films.

The reception for Need for Speed mirrored its box office performance, receiving mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Critics pointed out drawbacks such as its predictable plot and shallow character development but lauded its spectacular racing sequences and stunts.

Need for Speed had a moderate box office performance, earning approximately $203 million worldwide.

Meanwhile, some viewers appreciated the film’s action-packed style and its tribute to the video game series, while others felt it fell short compared to other racing films.

With the diligence of Aaron Paul alongside the cast and crew, Need for Speed propels forward, merging a compelling narrative with vehicular excellence, mirroring the exhilarating, tire-screeching spirit of the beloved video game franchise, which catalyzed its adaptation from console to the big screen.

Despite its lukewarm box office returns and mixed critical reception, Need for Speed effectively steers through realms of revenge, underground racing, and cinematic storytelling. While it may not have clinched a strong favor among critics and audiences, the movie provides a glimpse into the illicit world of street racing, intertwined with a tale of vengeance and camaraderie.