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golden axe

Star Trek Showrunner Bringing Classic Sega Video Game To Life With New Series

The popular Sega video game Golden Axe is getting the series treatment at Comedy Central. The network recently placed a 10-episode …

5 days ago

Major Video Game Franchise Needs A Movie Do-Over

If you grew up playing Doom and its sequels on your PC, then it’s safe to say that you were …

5 days ago

Fallout Is The Sci-Fi Series To Please Faithful Fans And Newcomers

Even if you are not a vault dweller familiar with the Fallout video game series, the title might ring a …

5 days ago

Other Adaptations Need To Follow Fallout In One Unique Way

I’m only halfway through Fallout, but I’m enjoying the show much more than I expected. One of the best things …

7 days ago

The Best Horror Game In Years Gets Movie Adaptation And Lovecraft Fans Need To Get Hyped

The critically acclaimed indie video game Dredge is getting a movie adaptation. Released in March 2023, this Lovecraftian fishing game …

2 weeks ago

The First Live-Action Video Game Movie Is Actually Awesome, See For Yourself

If you love live-action video game adaptations, then you have to take the time to check out the very first …

2 weeks ago

among us

The Among Us Series Is Not Playing Around With Its Cast

CBS Studios has announced the addition of four seasoned actors to the voice cast of Among Us, the highly anticipated …

2 weeks ago

mortal kombat

Forget The Remake, Original Mortal Kombat Is The Best Video Game Movie Ever Made

Recently, fans thought the video game movie curse was broken with Sonic the Hedgehog and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. …

3 weeks ago

lord of the rings

Watch Dogs Movie With Hit Horror Star In The Works

After delivering a dynamic performance in A24’s unforeseen horror favorite Talk To Me, the industry is buzzing with casting directors …

1 month ago

Disney+ Anime Adapts Fan-Favorite Square Enix Video Game

It’s not too often that a role-playing video game gets a satisfying animated series adaptation, but The World Ends with …

2 months ago

wing commander

1990s Sci-Fi Space Adventure Based On Fan-Favorite Franchise Being Totally Forgotten

Video game adaptations have come a long, long way, with adaptations like The Last of Us and Arcane getting heaped …

2 months ago

Borderlands Proves Cosplay Fan Films Are Now Major Studio Movies, See The Evidence

It’s not just fan fiction. After years of anticipation, Borderlands has finally released its first trailer. Announced nearly a decade …

2 months ago

borderlands movie logo

Borderlands Movie Finally Releases Full Look After Troubled Production

Good news Borderlands fans, Eli Roth’s film adaptation of the beloved looter shooter finally has an official teaser after years …

2 months ago

sonic the hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Fans Are Excited For One Character Death

It’s not often that people get excited about the death of an adorable child, but Sonic fans are built differently. …

2 months ago

oscar isaac dune

Oscar Isaac Cancels His Most Anticipated Role?

Since the announcement of the film adaptation of the iconic video game Metal Gear Solid, fans have been waiting with bated …

2 months ago

Jim Carrey Out Of Retirement, Returns To Most Unlikely Role

Jim Carrey may have announced his retirement from movie-making two years ago, but it seems the making of Sonic The …

3 months ago

How 2024 Will Determine The Future Of Sci-Fi

2023 was not a good year at the box office for sci-fi movies, between superhero fatigue hitting the public and …

3 months ago

The Netflix Fantasy Adventure Crushing The Competition

The new animated feature film The Super Mario Bros. Movie was added to the Netflix roster late last year, and …

3 months ago

The Best Anime Based On Video Games

Video games and anime have been closely entwined for decades, to the point that it feels like almost every game …

6 months ago

God Of War: Who Amazon Needs To Cast In The Upcoming Series

So, okay–maybe you began and finished God of War Ragnarök when it released last year, but some of us have …

6 months ago

oscar isaac

Metal Gear Solid: Everything We Know About The Oscar Isaac Movie

Metal Gear Solid has been in production for 16 years, but Oscar Isaac says the video game adaptation is still happening.

6 months ago

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Movie Is Real, Are We Going To See It?

Fandoms are admittedly suckers for crossovers. If followers can see some of their favorite characters come together on a multiverse-like …

6 months ago

mass effect

Mass Effect Cast Wishlist: Who Should Play The Crew Of The Normandy?

Given how much Hollywood likes to adapt different media, it’s only a matter of time before the hit video game …

6 months ago

Breaking Bad Star Gets Fast & Furious In This Streaming Crime Thriller

For fans of high-speed car races and thrilling tales, there’s exciting news: Need for Speed is now available for streaming …

7 months ago

baldur's gate netflix

Exclusive: Baldur’s Gate Netflix Live-Action Project In Talks

It looks like with Henry Cavill leaving Geralt of Rivia behind, Netflix is looking to secure another fantasy juggernaut. Our …

7 months ago

The Dark Anime Movie Based On Classic Literature Streaming For Free

Believe it or not, the world of anime isn’t solely based on manga-inspired adaptations. Some anime, like The Count of …

7 months ago

The Action-Packed Crime Anime Based On A Game You Can Stream Right Now

Nothing hits quite like a good anime. Crunchyroll is now streaming an early Aughts classic with all 26 episodes of …

7 months ago

Another Nintendo Character Is Getting A Movie, But Not The Movie Being Reported

Earlier this year, Nintendo and Illumination teamed up to bring their classic character Mario to life in the The Super …

7 months ago

The Fantasy Anime Series On Netflix Based On An Amazing Game

Another Netflix game adaptation brings video game giant Capcom to the streaming platform. Dragon’s Dogma is based on a game …

8 months ago