Fallout Season 2 Villains Must Include These Fan Favorites

By Douglas Helm | Updated

The first season of Amazon’s Fallout has been a massive hit, reportedly amassing over 65 million viewers and becoming the second-most-watched show on the streaming platform. Of course, Amazon has already greenlit Fallout Season 2, so we’ll get to spend plenty more time in the post-apocalyptic American wasteland. While the first season of the show gave us plenty of great characters, creatures, and other references to the video games, there are some creatures and characters that we would love to see in the second season.

Super Mutants

We got a very brief Super Mutant cameo in one episode of the first season, but we would love to see these powerful morons become a much more prominent part of Fallout Season 2. Super Mutants are humans who have been turned into hulking monstrosities, often to the detriment of their intelligence. There are also Super Mutants who retain their intelligence, so we could certainly meet a mix of these powerful foes and get more insight into how Super Mutants were created.


We saw some extremely intimidating creatures like the Yao Guai and the Gulper in the first season, but we only got a tease of the most terrifying creature of all – the Deathclaw. Deathclaws are tall, demon-looking creatures with massive claws and jaws for ripping victims to shreds. Fallout Season 2 will almost undoubtedly give us a full-blown Deathclaw battle, and hopefully, they can make it a battle for the ages.

Caesar’s Legion

The first season teased that we may be headed to New Vegas in Fallout Season 2, which would make sense given that game’s enduring popularity with fans. This hopefully means that we’ll also get to be introduced to some of New Vegas’ most prominent factions with the Kings and Caesar’s Legion. The Kings are a gang of Elvis impersonators, which would be a hilarious addition to the show, but Caesar’s Legion could be a big villainous presence.

Caesar’s Legion is a dictatorial faction that models itself loosely after the Roman Empire, with a leader who fashions himself as Caesar. Some fans propose that we actually already got introduced to Caesar’s Legion, as a fan theory states that the Roman-like names of the Brotherhood of Steel members in the first season indicate the Brotherhood may have merged with Caesar’s Legion. We’ll have to wait until Fallout Season 2 to see if this theory pans out.

The Institute

Finally, Fallout Season 2 has the chance to introduce us to one of the franchise’s creepiest villain factions, The Institute. The Institute created synths, which could very well be gone due to certain lore details we learned in the show. However, it would be interesting to see if they could at least be incorporated through flashbacks. Perhaps we could be introduced to the Institute through flashbacks from Nick Valentine, one of its creators.

Any Excuse To Include The Greatest Companion

Nick Valentine is a fan-favorite companion character who is a synth detective with the personality of an old-timey gumshoe from a noir film. Nick Valentine is not only a cool character with a cool design, but he also has one of the most interesting backstories. And even though Valentine lives in Boston in Fallout 4, he could have easily moved by the time Amazon’s Fallout Season 2’s timeline comes around.