The Ben Affleck Action Thriller On Streaming That Needs A Sequel And Franchise

By Doug Norrie | Published

Swirl into a world where numbers tell a deeper story and secrets are layered behind every calculated move. The Accountant, featuring the versatile Ben Affleck, isn’t just another action-packed thriller; it’s a riveting exploration of a man’s complex mind, juxtaposing the mundanity of accounting with high-stakes intrigue and danger.

Now streaming on Hulu, the Ben Affleck film offers a fresh take on the anti-hero narrative, with Affleck delivering one of his most compelling performances. Dive deep into this world where ledger lines and lethal lines blur, and uncover the enigmatic life of a mathematician like no other.

The Accountant starring Ben Affleck is streaming on Hulu

In The Accountant, Ben Affleck embodies Christian Wolff, a character layered with complexity. From a young age, Christian’s life was far from ordinary. Raised by his military father following their mother’s departure, Christian and his brother, Braxton, faced intense training.

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This rigorous upbringing, combined with Christian’s autism, instilled in him a particular set of skills and a resilience against those who sought to bully him due to his condition.

In his adult years, Ben Affleck as Christian operates a modest CPA office, but beneath this veneer, he’s an esteemed figure in the criminal world. Known as “The Accountant”, he’s a forensic genius who specializes in resolving financial discrepancies for perilous criminal outfits. This dual life garners the attention of the Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division, led by Ray King, who becomes determined to unmask “The Accountant.”

The Ben Affleck movie plot intensifies when Dana Cummings, an employee at a cutting-edge robotics company, discovers financial inconsistencies. Christian is enlisted to uncover the truth. However, what starts as a standard audit spirals into a dangerous game when those linked to the company begin facing deadly consequences.

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As he delves deeper into the financial maze, Ben Affleck as Christian encounters treachery and deception, contending with both law enforcement and menacing criminals.

Interwoven with the present-day action are flashbacks that shed light on Christian’s tumultuous past, providing context to his current predicaments. These memories give viewers a glimpse into his challenging upbringing and the origins of his formidable abilities.

Supporting Ben Affleck’s powerful portrayal is an impressive ensemble, including Anna Kendrick as Dana, the unwitting accountant dragged into the chaos; J.K. Simmons as the persistent Ray King; Jon Bernthal, playing a mysterious figure connected to Christian’s history; and Jeffrey Tambor, who portrays an influential figure from Christian’s earlier days. Together, they elevate The Accountant into a narrative that seamlessly blends drama, action, and intrigue, redefining the parameters of the archetypal action hero.

A Potential The Accountant Sequel Or Franchise With Ben Affleck

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The Accountant, starring Ben Affleck, has all the hallmarks of a movie that could spawn sequels or even an expansive franchise. The character of Christian Wolff is a riveting blend of mystery and depth. Unlike the traditional action hero, he’s an accountant with high-functioning autism, showcasing a multifaceted personality that’s both compelling and unique. 

This character complexity alone offers a bounty of material for future development. Delving deeper into Wolff’s background, his coping mechanisms, and how he navigates the tumultuous waters of his profession and personal life could be the central theme of many sequels.

The primary plot of the film does conclude, but there are numerous open-ended threads that could serve as starting points for sequels. For example, the intricate relationship between Christian and his brother, Braxton, is rich with emotional nuances that beg further exploration. Their shared past, the choices they’ve made, and the paths they’ve chosen could be dissected in depth in subsequent films.

Furthermore, the world within The Accountant has vast potential for expansion. It isn’t just about the life and challenges of Christian Wolff. The universe of financial intrigue, global conspiracies, and underground dealings that the film touches upon can be expanded. Considering the dynamics between Christian and other pivotal characters like Dana, there’s a plethora of relationships and storylines to be explored.

The world within Ben Affleck’s The Accountant has vast potential for expansion

In essence, with a character as layered as Christian Wolff and a world rife with potential plots and subplots, there’s no reason why Ben Affleck fans wouldn’t flock to theaters (or streaming platforms) to catch more chapters in this thrilling saga.

In a cinematic world teeming with action flicks and complex protagonists, The Accountant stands out, thanks in large part to Ben Affleck’s nuanced portrayal of Christian Wolff. The film masterfully blends action, mystery, and character-driven storytelling, giving viewers more than just adrenaline-pumping sequences. 

As The Accountant finds its home on Hulu, it’s the perfect time to dive into this thrilling narrative and witness Ben Affleck at his versatile best. Whether you’re in it for the high-octane action or the deep-seated mysteries of its central character, this movie promises a riveting watch from start to finish.