Armie Hammer Is Being Erased By Disney

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

armie hammer

There have been cautionary tales of Hollywood stars taking an industry and societal tumble basically ever since the industry started. It isn’t a new thing for actors or actresses to lose their luster based on seedy accounts of their personal life. But when it’s all said and done, Armie Hammer might rank “up” there with the biggest star pivots we’ve ever seen. And things aren’t getting any better for the actor. It looks like the latest news has Disney trying to wipe some of the actor’s work off the screen. They’ve taken to scrubbing an upcoming episode on the platform that featured Hammer as a guest. 

This latest erasing and canceling of Armie Hammer comes on the Disney+ platform where an episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls is being taken out of the show’s rotation. The episode was part of Season 5 and originally aired on December 3, 2019. The episode has Grylls and Hammer off the coast of Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The two take to scuba diving in the area looking for “buried treasure” and have a number of other encounters along the way. At the time, it was the 5th-most-watched episode of the season for the program. 

But in this latest news, Disney+ has wiped that episode out of the rotation for their rebroadcasting of their National Geographic channel productions. They didn’t give any news about the decision to take Armie Hammer out of this show’s rotation, but it’s not hard to figure out why. The actor is embroiled in a number of different controversies right now, ranging from borderline silly to incredibly disturbing. It’s led to a near-industry-wide cancellation of the actor in the short term regarding upcoming works. And now it looks like that cancellation is going to involve things he’s done in the past as well.

The issues for Armie Hammer began a couple of months ago when it started to make the rounds on Twitter that he had some, well, interesting sexual fetishes. A rumor began that he was a fan of cannibalism in whatever form you can imagine after a supposed direct message from the actor began making the rounds. In it he supposedly mentions the desire to take a little bite out of someone. 

While that piece of the rumor mill around Armie Hammer likely wasn’t fully accurate, more recent allegations have cropped up around the actor. There is apparently a criminal investigation underway around Hammer stemming from abuse allegations from a Los Angeles woman. The latter contends that Hammer physically abused her over a number of hours in 2017. 

armie hammer

This news, plus the cannibal rumors have led to Armie Hammer exiting nearly every production he had in the works. Those include roles in The Offer about the making of The Godfather as well as Shotgun Wedding alongside Jennifer Lopez. He also had Billion Dollar Spy lined up but saw an ouster from that film as well. Even his delayed flick Death on the Nile is causing issues for Disney because he’s featured in that film which wasn’t released because of the Covid-19 delays. 

And as for Running Wild With Bear Grylls, this isn’t the first time they’ve had an episode removed because of a guest. Recently, the one that involved Gina Carano was taken out of the upcoming rotation as well. In this way, Armie Hammer isn’t alone.