Alleged Cannibal Armie Hammer Just Took Another Hit

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

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Armie Hammer has seen his career circling the drain for the last couple of months and now it looks like it might be all the way down into the sewer. It’s been a stretch of terrible (and disturbing) press for the actor as well as movie after movie dropping the guy from his reported role. And now it’s happened again with Variety reporting that Hammer has been axed from Billion Dollar Spy because of the myriad of allegations the guy is facing right now. 

In terms of potential work, Billion Dollar Spy was basically the last film in the queue for Armie Hammer after he’d been dropped from a number of other roles in the recent months. There was some thought this one would stick if the actor was able to clear his name prior to production getting underway. Not only has that not been the case, but the news around the actor has only gotten worse and grosser in the short-term. The movie is set to be the on-screen account of a Soviet engineer who, in the 1980s provided the CIA with information on Russian technology and other pieces of espionage. Hammer was set to play the CIA handler in the film, but that’s gone by the wayside now.

This news of Armie Hammer losing work isn’t really anything new. The actor has been mired in controversy and allegations for the last few months now. Things started when there was some social media buzz regarding Hammer’s sexual and culinary proclivities. Namely, he was accused of being a cannibal after a release of what appeared to be private messages from the actor detailing things he’d like to do to women, including eating them. These accusations haven’t been confirmed (they were vehemently denied by the actor) though this being Hollywood, they did cause Hammer to lose out on a couple of roles in movies. 

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Then, more recently, additional disturbing allegations surfaced against the actor with an ex-girlfriend claiming he had raped her. The incident in question dates back to 2017 with the woman claiming the actor sexually assaulted her over many hours. Armie Hammer, through his attorney, has said the claims are baseless based on the relationship between the two. Nevertheless, this led to a criminal investigation being opened against the actor with the Los Angeles Police Department looking into the matter. It’s one thing to have a super weird internet rumor going around about your taste for the flesh. It’s another thing altogether to have criminal proceedings ramp in what could be a very serious matter. 

As stated, Billion Dollar Spy wasn’t the only film to drop Armie Hammer. He was also removed from Shotgun Wedding which was going to have him starring opposite Jennifer Lopez. And he also got the ax from The Offer which is going to tell the story of the making of The Godfather. It doesn’t look like things will be turning around to the positive side any time soon for the actor. And in fact, could get much worse if he ends up facing true criminal accusations.