Alison Brie Is Cute As Ever In A Flirty Mini Dress In New Post

Alison Brie looks incredible in the fun and flirty black Valentino mini-dress she wore just before heading out to national TV.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Alison Brie

Alison Brie is one of the hardest-working young stars in Hollywood. Since breaking out on the cult NBC sitcom (and destroyer of Yahoo Screen) Community as the neurotically type-A student Annie Edison, she basically has not stopped working for even a second. She has appeared in critically acclaimed TV series, comedies, dramas, indie films, and racked up a few Golden Globe Awards in the process. Fortunately for all of us, Alison Brie is as dedicated to showing off her incredibly fierce style on social media as she is to showcasing her immense talent on screen. As such, she recently posted some images of her outfit from the green room of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and well, it’s just pretty fantastic. Check it out: 

In the first picture in the set, Alison Brie is wearing an outrageously gorgeous black mini-dress. The dress leaves her shoulders bare, and her wavy brown hair falls across them. Though she is kicking up one leg in a flirty pose, the mini-dress appears to end just above the knees of her sheer black stockings. Brie is wearing a pair of black Giuseppe Zanotti shoes with perilously high platform heels and ankle straps. The dress itself is Valentino and decorated with tiny, brightly colored fruit embroidery that contrasts vividly with the dark material. The next photo shows Alison Brie in a cockier, hip-jutting position, and the third has the star of Promising Young Woman posing her hands modestly across the neckline of her dress to show off her various rings. That’s Jenny Bird, Wolf Circus, Melinda Maria, and Irene Neuwirth Jewelry, for what it is worth. 

Alison Brie is a consistently delightful late night guest, so it is no surprise that she would be showing up on Jimmy Fallon’s show. She also has two films coming out in 2022 (at least that have been announced so far). One is an unnerving-looking comedy thriller with frequent collaborator Jeff Maena, titled Spin Me Round. In that one, she plays a manager of an Olive Garden-style restaurant who goes on an Eat Pray Love in Italy, only to find things much more low-rent and increasingly spooky than she expected. The second is Somebody I Used to Know, a romantic comedy starring Brie alongside Jay Ellis (of Insecure) and is co-written and directed by her real-life husband Dave Franco. Franco himself recently starred in the critically praised comedy-murder-mystery-thriller The Afterparty on Apple TV+ (though he’s not likely to show up on the second season, because, well, murder). 

It has previously been announced that Alison Brie will be co-starring with actor/pianist/Peacemaker John Cena in an action-comedy about the two of them attempting to escape a palace during a military coup. While that has been in the works for at least a bit, there seems to be some kind of delay, but hopefully it will not be long before we get to see those two very distinct comedic (and wrestling) talents together at last. Until then, we are sure that Alison Brie will be keeping us happy on Instagram.