See Sydney Sweeney In Cowboy Boots Straddling A Motorcycle

Sydney Sweeney is really leaning into the Americana imagery with this sultry shot of her in cowboy boots astride a motorcycle.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Sydney Sweeney

There are few things more iconically American than cowboy boots, with their imagery of wide-open spaces and the Old West. There are also few things more symbolic of rebelliousness and individuality than a motorcycle. So it feels like Sydney Sweeney is really leaning into the rebel Americana imagery with a new post on her Instagram account, in which she makes the most anyone possibly of a single sultry gaze to the camera. Check it out:

This image of Sydney Sweeney astride a brightly shining Harley-Davidson (Americana imagery hat trick achieved) was shot by legendary photographer Ellen von Unwerth for her new magazine Von. Sydney Sweeney tagged von Unwerth in the picture (as well as the magazine), and the caption states that it was “such an honor;” von Unwerth herself is a former model who transitioned to the other side of the camera in the 1990s. She is known for working with Vogue, Playboy, and other major publications like Interview Magazine. Von Unwerth’s work has also been used extensively for album cover art, including releases by Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Rihanna. And as of now, Ellen von Unwerth has also worked with emerging star Sydney Sweeney. 

In the picture itself, Sydney Sweeney is wearing knee-high, high-heeled boots in a two-toned light pink and blue. She is wearing little else, except for a pair of silver-sequined short shorts and a halter-top also seemingly made entirely of sparkles. Her blonde hair is piled high on her hair and tumbles down in messy curls. Ellen von Unwerth’s brightly lit shot causes lens flare across the polished chrome of the Harley-Davidson, and the entire picture could be said to be achieving a kind of biker-babe chic. 

Sydney Sweeney first broke out on the hit HBO series Euphoria as Cassie Howard, a high school student with a troubled and sordid reputation, which could also be a fair description of essentially every other character on the show. Although she was introduced as a relatively minor character in the first season(as the older sister of Maude Apatow’s character Lexi), her undeniable charisma pushed her further into the spotlight in the second season. Given that the incredibly popular show (second only to Game of Thrones) is well known/notorious for its lush and sensual visual style, it is no surprise that Sydney Sweeney would be as comfortable in front of the camera for shoots like this as she is. 

Sydney Sweeney is also currently poised to make the leap from premium cable television stardom to films. She was recently cast in Madame Web, the upcoming comic book adaptation by Sony Pictures; while the titular character of the series is traditionally part of the Spider-Man supporting cast, the tentative truce between Disney and Sony ensures that old Webhead almost certainly will not be showing up. Sydney Sweeney will be starring in Madame Web alongside Dakota Johnson, Emma Roberts, and Isabela Merced. The movie will likely be tying in with other Sony Pictures comic book films like Venom, Morbius, and the upcoming Kraven, so we will be excited to hopefully see more adventures of Sydney Sweeney in that universe.