See Kate Beckinsale Feasting In Black Dress

Kate Beckinsale shared a video of her in an elegant black dress while engaging in a bizarre round table feast.

By James Brizuela | Updated

Kate Beckinsale

Everyone has steadily been busy stuffing themselves with plenty of food during family and friend get-togethers. That is certainly the case for Kate Beckinsale, who showed a video on her Instagram page of her feasting in an elegant black dress, presumably surrounded by friends and family. The video, which you can see below, showcases a round table with plenty of people sitting around and is complemented by an electric train and plenty of sweets.

Kate Beckinsale does look fantastic in her black dress and matching black bow, as she also is holding a cat on her lap. Though there is a lot going on in this video, it does look like she is having quite a bit of fun, which should be the case for everyone during the holidays. Though the comments are limited, plenty of people are chiming in and speaking on Beckinsale looking as though she is having a blast, which we certainly agree with.

Kate Beckinsale is likely taking some much-needed time off, as the actress has been steadily busy with plenty of movies. She has already wrapped up her starring role in the Charlie Day-directed, El Tonto. The romantic comedy sees a man become an overnight celebrity, only to lose it all, and stars Edie Falco, Ray Liotta, Travis Fimmel, John Malkovich, and so many more.

kate beckinsale

From there, Kate Beckinsale will be returning to her action-packed roles, as she is set to portray Avery Graves, in a new movie called Canary Black. Graves is forced into betraying her own country by terrorists and must now go on the attack to clear her name and save her husband who has been kidnapped in the process. Beckinsale has not done an action role since Jolt in 2021, but it is great she is returning to that genre.

Kate Beckinsale is always quite forthcoming about her personal life on her social media pages, and the above video is just another instance of the woman showcasing that she knows how to have fun no matter what she is doing. We all need some time off during the holidays, and Beckinsale is using hers to gather with friends for what appears to be a magnificent feast. We hope that everyone was able to get together with their loved ones this past weekend, though most of us were likely not sitting around a table that had a working electric train.

Either way, Kate Beckinsale always looks great in whatever she is doing on her Instagram page, and this time she is holding a giant lollipop with a cat on her lap. While the description of this event might sound a bit insane, it is on par with what she is usually doing when showing us a peek into her personal life. We love that Beckinsale can be silly and funny, while also providing some of the best performances in her work, and we applaud her for being able to simultaneously do both.