See Kate Beckinsale Stick Her Butt In Her Best Friend’s Face

Kate Beckinsale played a prank on a sleeping friend by placing her butt in their face.

By James Brizuela | Published

kate beckinsale

There could be worse things than having Kate Beckinsale’s butt in your face, and that was the case for one of her friends, as she celebrated her own version of Thanksgiving on her Instagram page. The actress stated that British people do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but they certainly engage in a “bum to the face” for anyone who happens to fall asleep around her. While British people may not celebrate Thanksgiving, everyone around the world celebrates messing with the first person who has fallen asleep first, which you can see in the video below:

It is always great to see people having some innocent fun, and Kate Beckinsale is certainly doing so, to the delight of her fans on social media. A whopping 94,000 people have liked the prank video, with nearly 3,000 comments all asking for Beckinsale to do the same thing to them. Others in the comments were a bit more creative and were wondering why the actress had not relieved herself in a gassy manner, which would have arguably been ten times more hilarious.

When Kate Beckinsale is not giving her friends a cheeky surprise, she is busy with her many upcoming roles in the show business sector, the first being her starring role in the Prisoner’s Daughter. Beckinsale stars alongside Brian Cox in a story that sees a prisoner named Max released from prison after 12 years and wanting to find a way to reconnect with his daughter Maxine and grandson. The film is currently not available to stream, though it could be soon.

Kate Beckinsale

From there, Kate Beckinsale is set to star in the directorial debut of Charlie Day, who has been a mainstay on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and in movies. Day has written and directed a comedy called El Tonto, which sees a man searching for love become an overnight celebrity, only to lose it all. The movie boasts an impressive cast that includes Day, Beckinsale, Travis Fimmel, Adrien Brody, Jason Sudeikis, Glenn Howerton, John Malkovich, Ken Jeong, and Ray Liotta in one of his final roles.

Kate Beckinsale will leave then leave behind comedy to enter back into the world of butt-kicking, as she is set to star in Canary Black, as Avery Graves. Graves is an operative that is blackmailed by her own country, who she must now go against to save herself, clear her name, and save her kidnapped husband. The movie sounds like it harkens back to her days as Selene in Underworld.

Clearly, Kate Beckinsale is staying plenty busy in her many different roles in the movie business and playing pranks on people while she has some downtime. While most people certainly don’t like being awakened by anything while also trying to catch a rare nape, there are worse places and worst things to be awakened by. Waking up to see Beckinsale’s butt in your face might not be the worst thing in the world, and at least everyone can have a laugh about it.