See Kate Beckinsale Reveal Her Grossest And Funniest Pastime

Lighting farts on fire appears to be a topic of some interest to Kate Beckinsale

By Phillip Moyer | Published

Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale seems to have a profound love for the fine art of lighting farts on fire. Beckinsale, who graduated from the prestigious New College, Oxford, and claims to have an IQ of 152, laughingly talked about the pastime in an Instagram post on Wednesday. 

“I don’t think there’s an English rugby player who hasn’t lit a fart — possibly not even their own fart,” Kate Beckinsale said on the video.

The post, which has gained more than 61,000 likes from Kate Beckinsale’s 5.5 million followers, shows her discussing laughingly discuss the pastime with a man who is just out of frame. Comments on the post seem to indicate that she was speaking to makeup artist Chase Aston. In the video, Beckinsale is sitting down while her hair stylist, Aaron Light, adjusts her hair. 

The previous week, Aston posted an image of Kate Beckinsale wearing a similar hairstyle and makeup. Appropriately, the post included five fire emojis.

Beckinsale, who most recently starred in the Paramount+ series Guilty Party and the 2022 action crime drama Prisoner’s Daughter, has been gaining a lot of attention on Instagram lately. Whether it’s because of her eye-catching outfits or her unusual use of bananas, the British actress has a flair for keeping people talking.

In her this most-recent video, she does not admit to actually lighting farts on fire herself, despite her apparent delight. Chase Aston, however, discussed his personal experience with lighting his own farts on fire. 

“I was nervous when I’d done it, that it’d shoot back up into my insides and cook me,” he explained while Beckinsale laughed.

Aston has some well-founded concerns about the dangers of fart ignition. A 2007 paper published by the World J Gastroenterol journal warns about the risk of “colonic gas explosion” when using an electric current to destroy abnormal tissue. 

Medical professionals have documented several injuries caused by flaming farts. The most absurd of these stories was reported by the Tokyo Medical University Hospital in 2016. According to a report released by the hospital, an unconscious patient farted on a laser while undergoing surgery. The fart ignited, which in turn set the patient’s surgery drape on fire and caused burns to the patient’s body.

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After this medically-enlightened exchange, Kate Beckinsale asks Aaron Light whether he has ever set a fart on fire. He denied it. Beckinsale then ponder whether Americans ever take part in igniting farts, or if it’s a British pastime. Ultimately, the trio decides that some regions of America might enjoy the inflammatory art.

“Maybe in Tenessee?” Beckinsale asks. Light confirms that this may, in fact, be possible.

Kate Beckinsale is currently working on the action thriller Canary Black. She plays a spy operative whose husband is kidnapped by terrorists. Beckinsale’s character must use her underworld connections to rescue her husband as the terrorists try to blackmail her into betraying her country.

Despite the similar name, Beckinsale’s movie has nothing to do with the upcoming DCEU movie Black Canary, starring Jurnee Smollett.