Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Under Fire For Controversial Political Video

By Zack Zagranis | Published

Perhaps Stranger Things should have left Will Byers in the upside down. A recent video clip of actor Noah Schnapp hanging with some friends who are holding up pro-Isreal stickers was posted on X this morning by an account known as Pop Base. The stickers feature the messages “Zionism is Sexy” and “Hamas is Isis.”

The video shows Noah Schnapp with his phone out as three individuals near him pose with the stickers. The group is seated at the same table in what looks like a coffee shop of some sort, smiling and laughing as they proudly hold up the stickers. Given the heated debate surrounding the Israel/Palestine conflict it’s no surprise that many X users had something to say about the video.

One X user replied to the video, “Seeing these rich people with huge smiles on their faces as they support a genocide from the comfort of a cute little coffee shop is disgusting.”

Another user, @Jungshook3th, complained that Noah Schnapp’s actions had single-handedly taken their interest “off Stranger Things,” which the user professed to like “a lot.”

One user was a little more aggressive, stating that Schnapp’s post-Stranger Things career was going to consist of “supporting roles” for a while before fizzling out entirely. Judging by Schnapp’s IMDb there’s a possibility that his career would end up that way with or without the controversial video. “People like him do not deserve success at the expense of millions of people.” wrote e@Jungshook3th.

X user @_TanyaMaraj asked if anyone was surprised and then posted a video that appeared to show Noah Schnapp and some others singing the N-word along with the song playing.

The actor addressed the video of him allegedly singing a racial slur back in 2020, claiming he used the word “neighbor” instead of the other much more offensive word.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of replies to the clip were negative, with several calling out Noah Schnapp for seemingly supporting a genocide that has taken the lives of thousands of children. Many of the replies also made note of Schnapp essentially committing career suicide, with one comment even comparing the swiftness with which Noah seems to be ruining his acting career with speedrunning, an activity where gamers try to finish a game as fast as possible.

Stranger Things

Many of the commenters pledged to boycott the last season of Stranger Things over Noah Schnapp’s seeming support of Zionism. Some fans are taking the less drastic approach of asking Netflix and the Duffer Bros. to write Will Byers out of Season 5 of Stranger Things, effectively eliminating Noah Schnapp from the series’ final episodes. There has been no response from the streamer as of yet.

One must search through dozens if not hundreds of replies to the initial post to finally find one or two people defending the Stranger Things star, and even then, the positive replies aren’t anywhere near as enthusiastic as those condemning Noah Schnapp.

One comment simply reads, “he’s right tho.” A second supportive comment stated that Schnapp wasn’t wrong because Hamas was, in fact, “evil,” something most people who identify as pro-Palestine have never argued against in the first place.

Time will tell if this incident has any lasting effects on Noah Schnapp’s career in the long run or what this might mean for the future of Stranger Things. In the meantime, it’s a good bet that some sort of apology will be forthcoming from Schnapp’s camp, although a strong pro-Zionist sentiment seems to run through Hollywood, so there’s always a chance that Schnapp will double down.

In any case, this is far from the last we will hear about the situation. Stay tuned.