Kate Beckinsale Leaves Hospital But Medical Condition Mystifies Fans

By Jason Collins | Published

kate beckinsale

Actress Kate Beckinsale, perhaps best known for her Underworld performances, has recently left the hospital and has hinted at the cause of her recent hospitalization in her new update on social media. However, the exact causes of her ill health still remains a mystery.

Tummy Troubles Survivor

Kate Beckinsale’s newest social media posts on Instagram have her wearing a white top with a “tummy troubles survivor” slogan, along with a rather cute image of a bunny dressed in plate armor while wearing a sword and a shield, surrounded by flowers. This truly is somewhat enigmatic, considering the slogan and the fact that she has been hospitalized recently. Still, the actress hasn’t shared anything specific, and we wouldn’t like to speculate on anyone’s health.

Deleted Instagram Posts Raised Concerns

The actress is usually pretty active on social media, and she has shared a few photos of herself in a hospital bed in a private hospital room at Cedars Sinai in LA. Yet, despite the social media posts, Kate Beckinsale has kept the reason behind her hospitalization private and has since deleted the aforementioned pictures referring to her ill health from social media. Admittedly, there has been much concern from fans and other colleagues, with many commenting on her posts and inquiring about her health.

The Actress Did Confirm One Thing

But that’s not all; in a now-deleted comment section on her social media, Kate Beckinsale also clarified that her trip and stay at the hospital hadn’t been caused by a ruptured ovarian cyst or endometriosis after one of her fans brought it up. For context, Kate Beckinsale suffered from a ruptured ovarian cyst in 2019, which is probably why the fans asked about that specific health issue at the moment of her recent hospitalization.

Back To Posting Her Fur Babies

Kate Beckinsale’s new posts, apart from the ones with the cute bunny, now feature her Pomeranian Myf on her lap with tiny plastic hands that show a peace sign. Other posts include the actress alongside Myf and the actress snuggling up to her cat Willow in a pink chair featuring ears. In that specific photo, the actress sported a pair of silver glittering platform boots, along with a black sweater, blue jeans, and a black bow.

Well Wishes For Kate Beckinsale

kate beckinsale

Unfortunately, many concerned fans still have no idea why the actress was hospitalized, but her discharge from the hospital seems to be good news. Kate Beckinsale gained acclaim for he roles in action films, romance films, and period dramas, following her rise to fame in numerous British costume dramas, such as Prince of Jutland, Cold Comfort Farm, Emma, and The Golden Blow. She offered an exceptional performance in 2001’s Pearl Harbor movie, as well as in 2004’s The Aviator.

Since playing the role of Selene in the Underworld movie series, Kate Beckinsale has become associated with action movies, including 2004’s Van Helsing, which also starred Hugh Jackman—the costumes in that particular movie were top-notch. The actress is currently working on two projects, the upcoming The Bad Guys 2, scheduled for 2025, and Canary Black, which still doesn’t have a set release date.