Terrifier 3 Promises Insanely Horrific Sequel In Director’s On-Set Pic

By Douglas Helm | Updated

Damien Leone, director and writer of the Terrifier franchise, recently took to Instagram to give fans an update on the upcoming Terrifier 3. Leone announced that makeup FX was wrapped for the project, showcasing David Howard Thornton in full makeup and costume as the serial killer and mime, Art the Clown. As the name of the franchise suggests, Thornton looks terrifying – even if he is dressed up in a Santa Claus suit.

Art The Clown As Saint Nick

Terrifier 3 Instagram post

Leone also revealed that Terrifier 3 brought on a makeup team led by Christien Tinsley after he and producer Phil Falcone previously took care of the makeup for the projects. Art the Clown definitely looks as scary as ever, so it seems like the team did a pretty good job. And it’s impressive that the franchise has come so far that it has the budget for other crew members after having such a tiny budget for the original film.

A Terrifier Christmas

Terrifier 3

Terrifier 3 is taking the franchise to Christmas time, with Damien Leone once again returning to direction. Thornton is reprising his role as Art again, while Lauren LaVera, Elliott Fullam, and Samantha Scaffidi also return to reprise their roles from previous films while newcomers Chris Jericho, Tom Savini, and Daniel Roebuck join the cast. The film will follow Art the Clown as he terrifies the residents of Miles County on Christmas Eve.

Terrifier’s Humble Beginnings

Terrifier 2016

Terrifier 3 is one of those rare horror franchise success stories that had extremely humble beginnings. The first Terrifier film was filmed with a low budget of $35k and a failed Indiegogo campaign. Fortunately, Phil Falcone stepped in to provide funds for the movie to get made, and Terrifier ended up becoming a cult classic thanks to its quality practical effects and the performances of the cast, specifically Jenna Kanell and David Howard Thorton in his debut as Art, replacing retired actor Mike Giannelli who played the character in Leone’s short films previously.

Sequel Cemented Terrifier’s Legacy

Terrifier 2 2022

While the first Terrifier didn’t exactly take the world by storm, it did get enough attention from fans for Leone to try and make Terrifier 2 and now Terrifier 3. The more ambitious sequel film required a bigger budget, and Leone was able to get some funding from private investors and also launched an Indiegogo campaign (successful this time) with a $50,000 goal. Not only did that campaign reach its goal, but it smashed it by reaching $250,000.

After the first film was criticized for lacking character development, Leone focused more on the characters for the sequel and was rewarded for the effort. The second film followed the resurrection of Art the Clown and his attempts to terrify Sienna Shaw and her brother Jonathan on Halloween. The second film received even better reviews than the first, and this recent Instagram post from Leone makes it seem like Terrifier 3 could be the best entry yet.

Release Date Is Fast Approaching

Terrifier 2 2022

While Terrifier 3 may be set during the Christmas season, it’ll be released in time for a different holiday that works just as well. The film is set for an October 11, 2024 release, so you’ll be able to watch it for Halloween and Christmas. Stay tuned for more news and, presumably, a trailer sooner than later.