Chris Evans Shared A Nude Photo Of Himself By Accident

By Drew Dietsch | 9 months ago

chris evans nude feature

Chris Evans accidentally sent a nude pic out into the internet and folks are going nuts. According to Just Jared, the Captain America actor shared a video on Instagram of his family playing the mobile game Heads Up. The video was actually a screen recording and Evans’s camera roll could be seen on the screen after the video had ended. Photos on the camera roll included pictures of the actor, his family, and a photo of a penis.

There was no confirmation that the man featured in the nude photo was Chris Evans. There was another photo in the camera roll that was a meme featuring Evans’s face. Written next to the actor’s face were the words “guard that p—y.” The Marvel Cinematic Universe alum deleted the post from Instagram only moments later. However, Twitter immediately jumped on the topic and it became the number one trend on the social media platform.

As of this writing, Chris Evans has yet to respond to the kerfuffle. It is likely the actor is hoping the mistake will be forgotten over the next few news cycles. It would be exceptionally embarrassing for the Knives Out cast member to explain the appearance of the nude photo on his camera roll. Not to mention the humorously vulgar meme with Evans’s face on it.

Naturally, this snafu has led to a number of comical reactions on Twitter. The existence of a potential Chris Evans nude pic floating out there has drummed up some real jokers on social media.

Chris Evans having a nude photo out there has brought up some discussion about respecting the privacy of public figures, especially as it relates to issues regarding the leaking of compromising photos. One of the most significant of these events took place back in 2014 when nearly 500 private photos from celebrity accounts were leaked onto the internet.

Of course, that was an incident where the private photos were obtained by an outside party. Chris Evans accidentally released the potential nude himself. Not much else you can do about a mistake like that. Now, it has become more about the response to the accident than the mishap itself.

Chris Evans releasing a possible nude pic out into the world is definitely the kind of blunder that 2020 could use. Author Saeed Jones said, “Thank you, Chris Evans. We needed this.” With everything from super typhoons to raging wildfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, an accidental candid shot from Captain America is the kind of “oops!” moment we should see as a reason to laugh.

If Chris Evans does end up responding to this potential nude pic, we will certainly add his response to this article. If 2020 does gift us with the awkward humor of Chris Evans having to explain away a nude pic – and an even funnier meme featuring his face – it could be the silver lining in a very dark cloud for the year. We will keep our fingers crossed for such a hilarious outcome.