Brie Larson Appears In A Sundress To Eat In A Creepy Shed

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

brie larson

Brie Larson enjoys sharing the usual and the unusual moments of her life with her seven million Instagram followers. Sometimes this will look like training videos. Other days it may look like cryptic updates from movie sets. In her latest post, she updates fans from a shed in the woods. She captioned the photo suggesting that she is either at a Blair Witch catering location or she’s eating the best meal she’s ever had.

You can see the post from Brie Larson below.

From the photo, it’s unclear if Brie Larson is saying the shed in the woods is a unique restaurant or if she’s bringing her own food to eat out in the woods. Her comment about the food being the best she’s ever eaten would make it sound like she’s eating at a fancy restaurant. Pop-up restaurants in strange locations are a popular trend, especially in the Los Angeles area. That certainly seems like a strong possibility. However, in updates over the past several weeks, the Marvel actress has shared that one of her 2022 goals is to have more good food. She started the year off with photos of recipes it appeared she’d been making herself. This could be part of that resolution.

Whatever she’s up to, she appears to be having fun on her weekends. It’s currently unknown what she’s working on as an actress. Brie Larson wrapped up filming on The Marvels at the end of 2021. Her most recent project announcement was her YouTube channel. In 2020, she frequently updated YouTube with deeper looks at her morning routine, workouts, and insights into how she deals with anxiety. While she continued sharing similar content in 2021 on her podcast, Learning Lots, her YouTube posts became infrequent while she filmed her next Marvel project. Now, she has announced that she intends to return to the channel and share more personal content with her millions of devoted fans.

Over the past several weeks, Brie Larson’s social media has made it appear like she isn’t currently working on a movie set. However, fans know that may not be the case. While filming The Marvels, Brie Larson couldn’t share much of anything with fans. There were no updates to indicate that they could expect to see her in the post-credits scene for Shang-Chi And The Legend of the Ten Rings. It is certainly possible that she’s working on something secret now. In fact, the top comment on her latest post has a fan asking if she’s working on a remake of Into The Woods. While the question is likely teasing, it’s not far off from what fans might expect of Larson. The actress often shares videos of herself singing, mostly covers of Taylor Swift songs, as she is apparently a major fan.

Since Brie Larson posts so frequently, fans expect to get more hints as to what she’s really up to soon. They know they’ll be able to catch her in The Marvels in movie theaters on February 17, 2023.