See Brie Larson At The Start And Finish Of A Long Work Day

Check out the latest pictures of Brie Larson posing on the set of a major movie after a big day of shooting.

By David Harrison | Published

brie larson

Brie Larson is among the hardest-working folks in the industry and has some of the most high-profile roles out there. Plus, while she’s part of a couple of different billion-dollar franchises at this point, there’s also the social media game to keep up with that has her posting nearly on the daily, with look-ins to what’s happening in her life, both on the set and off. We got a little hint at the former on Brie Larson’s Instagram feed this week with the actress taking time to post how tired she was after a long day of work. Her post has the beginning and the end of the day when things had definitely changed at least when it comes to an energy standpoint. Check out the Brie Larson post as she lets you know at least the feeling when it comes to acting in these high-profile productions.

This latest Brie Larson Instagram post had her giving some behind-the-scenes looks at Fast X which is currently filming. Though she doesn’t mention as much on Instagram, we do know that film is currently in the works and in the first shot we see the chair for Peter Cramer. He is the President of Universal Pictures and that studio has a lot riding on this franchise. It’s been a blockbuster’s blockbuster and there’s no reason to think this next one will perform otherwise. But if you’re the boss it’s good to know things are going well on a movie that looks like it is going to run in the neighborhood of $300 million dollars.

It isn’t clear what role Brie Larson will be playing in the Fast & Furious franchise for this final installment with the original crew of characters. Though there might be spin-offs in the future, this movie will wrap up the Vin Diesel-led crew’s storyline and arc before they ride off into the proverbial (and maybe literal) sunset. Brie Larson has posted a number of different pictures of the two hanging out on set and it seems like they have a solid working relationship all things considered. This particular post caught the eye of plenty of Brie Larson fans too seeing as how it was up over 125K likes in just a few hours on her feed.

And remember, this isn’t the only major franchise she has going right now. Brie Larson is also set to return to her role as Carol Danvers, something we haven’t seen since her last credit appearance all the way back in 2019s Avengers: Endgame. Now she’s team with Iman Vellani in The Marvels and the two seem to also have developed a friendship after filming that movie together.

It’s going to be quite the summer of 2023 when these two movies are released. Fast X is due out on May 19th while The Marvels hits theaters on July 28th. It makes sense why Brie Larson is tired after a long shoot, and maybe just in general. But few other folks have movies of this magnitude coming out within months of each other. But Brie Larson is just that kind of star.