Prometheus Is Basically Star Trek V, Here’s The Proof

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I liked Prometheus a lot and gave it 4/5 stars in my review, but there’s no getting around it: The plot of Prometheus is almost identical to the plot of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Both movies are about a starship crew journeying to a distant part of the galaxy in search of humanity’s creator. Both movies tell the story of what happens when that crew finds him, and he’s nothing at all like what they expect.

But the similarities between Prometheus and Star Trek V are far greater than just that of a similar premise. Take a closer look at both films and you’ll discover that in a lot of ways they’re nearly identical. Follow along as we break down just a few examples.

WARNING! Spoilers for Prometheus follow. Stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

Religious Leaders
The subtext of both Prometheus and Star Trek V involves questioning the value of faith and belief. Both movies have their crews led by scientists who have abandoned logic in favor of blind belief. In Prometheus the crew is led through the stars to their creator by Elizbaeth Shaw, a scientist who “believes” without evidence that they’ve been invited by their creator to come for a visit. In Star Trek V the crew of the Enterprise is led across the galaxy to their creator by a Vulcan scientist who has abandoned logic for emotion, and in the process now pursues faith in an all powerful creator.

Elizabeth dreams of her father's religious beliefs.

Sybok believes he can take away your pain.

Character Introductions
How do you introduce new characters? If you’re Prometheus or Star Trek V you meet them in some sort of remote location. In Prometheus we’re introduced to faith-scientist Elizabeth Shaw hanging out in a remote area of Scotland digging through sand and stone. In Star Trek V we’re introduced to faith-driven Vulcan Sybok hanging out in a remote area on a crummy planet named Nimbus III, where he encounters a man digging in the sand.

Prometheus introduces Elizabeth in a barren cave.

Star Trek V introduces Sybok in a barren desert.

Landing Zone
Some of the sets they use are even, believe it or not, pretty similar. In Prometheus they land their ship on a barren stretch of land, a short distance away from a strange structure which almost seems like it might be a temple. They must travel from their ship to the structure to look for God.In Star Trek V, oddly enough, they do pretty much the same thing. The Enterprise sends down a shuttle which lands on a barren stretch of land, a short distance away from a strange structure which almost seems like it might be a temple. In Trek the structure looks more like a giant Stonehenge than anything and in Prometheus the structure is a giant rock dome, but aside from these differences the setting is the same.

Prometheus has landed.

Shuttle 3 has landed.

You Can’t Trust Your Crew
Both Prometheus and Star Trek V end up exploring plot devices which involve crew betrayal. In Prometheus everyone seems to have their own agenda and no one really follows the orders of the ship’s Captain or their employer Meredith Vickers. In particular David betrays everyone by poisoning one of the scientists. In Star Trek V the usually loyal crew of the Enterprise mutinies and betrays its captain in order to follow the blind beliefs of Sybok. In particular Spock refuses to shoot Sybok and turns the ship over to him.

David betrays the Prometheus crew.

Spock refuses to shoot Sybok.

A Frantic Race To Get Back On The Ship
Both movies involve a scene in which the crew races back to the ship aboard a vehicle, and must make it inside before they’re destroyed. In Prometheus this happens as the result of an approaching storm, and the Prometheus team drives back to the ship at a frantic pace in ground vehicles (one of which looks sort of like a Star Trek shuttle on wheels). They careen straight into the cargo bay and arrive just in time, making it inside before the storm can destroy them. In Star Trek V this happens when approaching Klingons threaten to blow them up and so the crew must race back to the Enterprise aboard a shuttle. They careen straight into the shuttle bay, making inside just before they Klingons can fire.

Racing to get in the Prometheus cargo bay.

Shuttle careening into the Enterprise shuttle bay.

You Have An Audience
In both movies while part of the crew goes out looking for God, the rest stays back on the ship to take care of business. But in both cases, everyone knows what’s going on. In Prometheus the crew back at the ship watches everything their exploration team does through a series of complex video cameras and sensors. In Star Trek V the crew back on the Enterprise watches everything Captain Kirk, Sybok, Spock, and McCoy do because God takes over their viewscreen and magically focuses it on whatever those four do.

Aboard Prometheus, Meredith Vickers watches their team.

The Enterprise crew watches.

God Is Evil
The big, surprise discovery in both movies is that God exists… and he wants us dead. In Prometheus our creator is a powerful alien who wakes up and starts killing everyone. He intends to escape the planet where we awaken him and set out into the galaxy to wipe out humanity. In Star Trek V our creator is revealed to be a powerful alien who when discovered, starts trying to kill everyone. He intends to escape the planet where the crew of the Enterprise finds him and set out into the galaxy to begin his reign of terror.

Angry god in Prometheus.

Angry god in Star Trek V.

In the end, to stop the vengeful alien god-creature from escaping his planet and attacking humanity, someone must sacrifice themselves. In Prometheus it’s Captain Janek and the crew of the Prometheus who have to die. They launch their ship at the alien spacecraft, colliding with it and sending them all to their death. In Star Trek V the Vulcan Sybok throws himself at the alien creature and wrestles with it, keeping it busy by engaging in a suicidal mind-meld.

Janek on his suicide run.

Sybok sacrifices himself.


  • Tiberius

    But Prometheus does not have the awesome line:

    “What does God need with a Starship?”

    • JT

      True but only because the god of Prometheus was smart enough to bring his own.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=568761063 Glory Mooncalled


  • http://www.facebook.com/wbohlken Will Bohlken

    You can pretty much take any movie nowadays and compare it to another movie in some way. Yes this shows that there are similarities between the two in ways that seem they took it out of the movie like the designs of the vehicles and whatnot. Movies have to follow certain ways a story unfolds so that movie makes sense and have to have certain attributes, sometimes those things will be identical to other movies, some do it and no one notices or they do it and sole people notice or everyone does.
    That doesn’t make this movie a bad movie though it is still a great movie

    • JT

      I think in order for this “you can do this with any movie” theory to be true though, you’d have to come up with at least one other movie that’s as similar to Star Trek V as Prometheus is.

      • Sam

        “You can compare any recent movie to an older movie” doesn’t necessarily mean “More than one movie is similar to Star Trek 5.” It just means that most movies nowadays will be similar to one of the hundreds of thousands of movies that already exist, and in the case of Prometheus, that movie is Star Trek 5.

      • Chronicles of Narnia

        The Fifth Element. Titan AE. The Matrix trilogy. GalaxyQuest. Stargate.

  • gospyro

    Scary, but true, although I would have to say that I doubt VERY much that anyone stole anything ‘consciously’ from ST V… why would you steal from one of the worst movies ever made, and without a doubt the worst ST movie. But there are a LOT of coincidences. Just got back from the Prometheus, and my biggest complaint is they gave away the whole story in the trailers… and I tried REALLY HARD to NOT watch the trailers. I tried not to get my hopes up, but with Scott back at the helm, and lot of unanswered questions left from Alien, I couldn’t help it. Sadly, I was mostly disappointed. It had some nice moments, but nothing that really blew me away. And now that I see all the connections to ST V…. that makes it even sadder.

    • JT

      Completely agree with the notion that they didn’t rip off ST5 intentionally. At worst just some sort of subconscious influence on what they’re doing. Damon Lindeloff wrote Prometheus and he also wrote the new Star Trek sequel script, which probably means he was watching and researching a lot of Star Trek while he wrote it. Maybe that an effect on him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Jackson/100000013373008 Keith Jackson

    I LOVED Prometheus. Great movie.

  • disqus_ltV8tSEF5l

    how come noboby realizes the giant head is tom cruise ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Mitchem/100001253754542 Kevin Mitchem

    Elements of “Contact” as well.

  • Fuckya

    What a shitty write up.. you can take any movie and compare it to another and make them seem the same upon interpretation!

  • http://www.facebook.com/KenOsecon Ken Masters

    dude you are so bright that you discovered the way to create a Hollywood movie… just to you know but not only those two film’s but all are created the same way. It is just what people like.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=730430121 Rob Thomas

    Woah! you didn’t mention there’d be Star Trek 5 spoilers here too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=886595407 James Vetzal

    I don’t think you can really call the engineers in Prometheus gods, they are creators but are not omnipotent and are incredibly like us

  • Chronicles of Narnia

    Stargate (the original movie) is the same as Star Trek V.

    Religious Leaders: The movie revolves around a scientist, Daniel Jackson, who has abandoned the rational arguments of the scientific community in favor of pursuing the Egyptian gods who built the pyramids.

    Can’t Trust Your Crew: Colonel O’Neil has brought a nuclear bomb to blow up the Stargate.

    Landing Zone: The Stargate wormhole drops off the team in a pyramid in the middle of the desert.

    God is Evil: The Egyptian god Ra wants to blow up the Earth by sending a nuclear bomb back through the Stargate.

    Character introduction: Movie opens to a girl hanging out in a remote desert, where a giant Stargate is found in the sand.

    Self-sacrifice: Colonel O’Neil and Daniel Jackson stand ready to sacrifice themselves to stop the bomb, which has a faulty detonator. Would’ve done it too if they hadn’t remembered the transporter right behind them.

    The Trojan Horse: In Stargate, the cast disguises as natives to sneak back into the pyramid to stop the enemy. In ST5, the cast disguises as natives to sneak into the city to stop the enemy.

    Educational Imprisonment: In Stargate, Daniel Jackson learns a great deal about Ra’s motives while incarcerated. In ST5, Captain Kirk learns a great deal about Sybok’s motives while incarcerated.

    Civilian Uprising: In Stargate, the leader of an enslaved people leads the rebellion against their god. In ST5, the leader of an impoverished people leads the rebellion against their local government.

    Giant Blue Face God: In ST5, God is a giant blue face. In Stargate, Ra is a giant blue face (underneath human skin).

  • Jacksdad

    Nope – no similarity at all. Watched both movies a bunch of times and I’m just not seeing it. Sorry.

  • Laer Carroll

    Oh, God, the nauseating old Rip Off speculations. We rip each other off all the time every time we create a story. Do we really need another blog entry. Oh, of course, I forgot. Bloggers are always desperate for another story. And ripping off the Rip Off theme is always good.