The Beautifully Simple Reason You’ll Never See Back To The Future 4

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Back to the FutureEverything comes back around, sometimes a couple of times if we’re talking about lack of Hollywood originality. We may get a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3, this past summer saw yet another Godzilla reboot, and there’s reportedly a Knight Rider movie on the way, as well as another Jurassic Park film (both starring Chris Pratt, by the way) and Ghostbusters, among countless others. And while we do wind up liking some of these movies, and eagerly anticipate others, it’s nice to know that some things can and will be left alone. One of these rare instances is, apparently, Back to the Future, and we don’t have to worry about running into Back to the Future 4 anytime soon. Thank god.

Even though the third one was better than most movies, it’s still the weakest link in the trilogy, and people have been salivating over a new one ever since 1990. (Even at 13-years-old, and seeing the movie with a broken hand on opening night—I refused to go to the doctor until after I saw Back to the Future Part 3—I knew walking out of the theater, it was probably better to hope that this was the end.) Talking to Yahoo, Bob Gale, who co-wrote and co-produced each of the three Back to the Future movies, revealed why there will never be a BttF 4, and reason is beautiful in its simplicity.

He says:

Let’s face it, we’ve seen a lot of sequels that are made years and years later and I don’t think I can name one that’s any good, that lives up to the originals. I don’t think you can recapture it.

That’s the perfect explanation, the one you hope to hear: there won’t be another Back to the Future because it will suck. If only more of Hollywood thought this way. (Can someone please ring up the Ghostbusters folks? I’d rather see Paul Feig and the stellar cast he is sure to put together do just about anything besides this.)

This is such an unfortunately refreshing take. For so many of the reboots and rehashes it’s all about cashing in on name recognition and exploiting people’s nostalgia rather than making something that’s actually good. Studios are too often only interested in the bottom line instead of doing something interesting, or even just watchable.

Back to the Future Blu-rayBut Gale’s not the only one on board this train. Director Robert Zemeckis has taken a similar stance, saying:

We’re not going to do Director’s Cuts or make a 3D version or change the special effects. People love them the way they are, we think they’re really good. Let’ s not mess with it.

So thank you, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, for having some damn integrity. Now if only we could take the DeLorean back in time and stop Steven Spielberg from crapping out Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (Shit, did I just write a treatment for Back to the Future 4?)


  1. zirtoc says:

    I predict a reboot starring the Biebs as Marty McFly, and Al Franken as Doc.

  2. Garret Jon Lee says:

    That sucks cause if someone would actually write a half decent script and focus on making a decent movie instead of making cash then the idea of a sequel years later wouldn’t have such a crappy stigma. It sucks cause I would LOVE a fourth. Its too bad people have lost their sense of imagination. Canada should have its own version of Hollywood and make movies that don’t focus on sucking the life out of acting.

  3. Andrew says:

    Personally I disagree as the Star Trek reboot was simply awesome IMHO, and I am looking forwards to Star Wars VII due to being JJ Abrams too, Predators too was great however some reboots and sequels have I agree been atrocious! I am just saying if it is done right it would be awesome but it takes a lot to get it right……

  4. Brent Vance says:

    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was actually pretty decent. When you compare it to other summer movies like Percy Jackson, Transformers, or, ya know, Temple of Doom, Crystal Skull is miles better.

    • Brian Sleider says:

      Fuck that Temple of Doom is miles ahead of KotCS.

      • Brent Vance says:

        Lol i’ll take Shia over Kate Capshaw screaming and crying for two hours ANY day.

        • Brian Sleider says:

          Attractive woman vs annoying boy. You take what ever you want.

          • Brent Vance says:

            Yes because i watch indiana jones for attractive women, even if they are a piss poor annoying, loud, and dumb character that gets in the way in every single fucking scene. Seems about right.

          • Brian Sleider says:

            Opinions being like assholes, I will bow out. KotCS was ass and a lage part of that was LeBoof. But we did get a scene of him Tarzaning through the trees and bonding with a greaser monkey. Classic shit right there, for a cartoon.

          • Brent Vance says:

            Lol youre so right! Indiana Jones has never once came close to being like a cartoon. Glad you pointed that shit out because it makes so much sense. Crystal Skull was the only one that had cartoony scenes. The fuck was i thinking?

      • speldrong7 says:


    • Patrick Bruneau says:

      how old are you ?

      • Brent Vance says:

        24. Raiders and Last Crusade are some of my favorite movies ever and i grew up with them. Crystal Skull was silly at times but still very faithful to what Indy is all about.

  5. Marty Mcfly says:

    What a completely pointless article. I didnt even thhink people were wanting a fourth movie……

  6. Dave says:

    So now they are all on the record saying that they don’t want to do this and showing that they all have integrity, what are the chances that a “fantastic, powerful script” lands on their desks over the next 6 months and that they feel obliged to do it because of the “quality of the script and its recognition of the values that made the original trilogy so great”?

  7. Billy Beefcaked says:

    The all-female Ghostbusters reboot is the worst idea ever in the history of Hollywood…period.

    #1 with even doing Ghostbusters today without the original writers, is comedies have changed dramatically compard to the early 1980’s. Now all they are are quick/rude/gross one liners. Situational comedies are all but dead.

    Ghostbusters brilliance came FROM THE ACTORS THEMSELVES. They were masters of improvision, situational humor, and it wasn’t offensive. It’s polar opposite is what humor is today.

    #2 Ernie Hudson is right THE FANS DON’T WANT TO SEE AN ALL WOMAN GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!! I absolutely refuse to see this movie because of this. Not sexist but you don’t change the sex of iconic characters “just because”. Ultimate slap in the face of the fans. One girl ghostbuster…fine. All four….Damn you to hell.

    #3 At this point it is clear as hell it is a cash grab.

    #4 They’re forgetting the history and making up new shiz. Anyone seen the last two Spider-Man movies? Awful.

    I haven’t ever been super vocal about the direction of a movie before, but until the day this pile of shiz comes out, until the day it his DVD/Blu Ray, I will spend my days taking a shiz on this movie….just like Sony took a shiz on us fans.

    • Kiwi73 says:

      Ghostbusters was not that good. I just rewatched it, and it was dated, the jokes were stale, and the acting was horrible.

      And for the record, the worst idea in Hollywood, ever, would have to be Showgirls.

      Enough said.

      • Patrick Bruneau says:

        why would you rewatch a movie that you don’t seem to like to begin with ? i am not being sarcastic or an ass, i am just curious.

        • Kiwi73 says:

          I had VERY fond memories of the movie, and I in fact loved it at the time. Not having seen it for years and years, I watched it again, and it doesn’t live up to the memory of itself. I think sometimes, people feel nostalgia for something, but when revisited, it just doesn’t have the magic that it once did.

  8. JaySin420 says:

    The BTTF movies are my all time favorites. I would love to see a sequel with an older Marty, I don’t even care if it’s a letdown. Even a reboot I wouldn’t mind, cause it wouldn’t change how great the originals were.

  9. MrSatyre says:

    Talk about wishful thinking. Nowhere does anyone say there will never be a Back to the Future 4.

  10. JessSayin says:

    We need to get Bob and Ridley Scott together for lunch. Maybe he can pound enough sense into Scott that’ll he’ll leave Blade Runner alone.
    I know, I’m dreaming….of electric sheep again.

  11. TheMuppetManiac says:

    There’s no point making a sequel. You have to reboot. And yes, you can’t top the first movie, but after you get past a first movie, with Marty going back to 1984 this time, you can go anywhere and do anything. But you really have to make the first movie good. And casting will be tough. But you can’t pull a Ghostbusters and crap all over the original. The Ghostbusters reboot is what not to do.

  12. JO. O says:

    Probably the only good sequel that came long after the one before it that was actually good and almost as good as the originals but obviously not as good as the original is die hard 4. For it being a part 4 and coming long after part 3 it was surprisingly good. Part 5 however sucked.

  13. DocBrown says:

    Back to the future is my only favorite trilogy and I cannot see anyone else playing Doc and Marty other than Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox.

  14. Buck says:

    A sequel that was made years after the original, and didn’t suck was in my opinion “Aliens”. Also, maybe T2. Sci-fi movies have the ability to be able to be revamped without sucking.

  15. Alan López says:

    Not even a short film with like an update of how is doing Marty McFly and family nowadays? 🙁

  16. mycontrol30 says:

    That’s right they better not make a 4 or reboot it. Why ruin a classic?

  17. Emmit Stewart says:

    I would not go to a Back To The Future movie that did not star Michael Fox. Ninety nine percent of the fun in those movies was in watching Michael’s face as he reacted to the situations he found himself in.