Captain America

captain america
  • First Appearance: December 20, 1940
  • Created By: Joe Simon & Jack Kirby
  • Original Star: Chris Evans
  • Franchise: Marvel
  • Owner: Disney

Latest Captain America News

captain america lgbtq

Marvel Introduces LGBTQ Captain America

Marvel announces a new Captain America who is a member of the LGBTQ community.

3 years ago

chris evans secret wars

Exclusive: Marvel Planning Captain America 4 With Chris Evans

Marvel is trying to get Chris Evans back as Captain America for a very specific reason.

3 years ago

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: See The Longer Trailer

Disney+ will be handling Marvel’s small screen adventures and fans are licking their chops for the premiere of the first series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

chris evans captain america

Chris Evans As Captain America To Fight The New Captain America?

Chris Evans looks to be coming back as Captain America but in a twisted way.

3 years ago

chris evans captain america

See Chris Evans Transformed Into The Evil Hydra Cap

Used to seeing Chris Evans in Captain America’s red, white, and blue? Well now’s a chance to see the character take an evil turn.

3 years ago

Captain America Chris Evans

Chris Evans Will Return As Captain America To Fight Wolverine

After Chris Evans shot down rumors he was returning as Captain America, a new rumor suggests Evans’ return could lead to the hero fighting Wolverine.

3 years ago

anthony mackie

Anthony Mackie’s Captain America Suit Revealed

Anthony Mackie will be donning his Captain America outfit and here’s what it looks like.

3 years ago

chris evans robocop

Chris Evans Returning As Captain America

After wrapping up his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans is supposedly eyeing his return as Captain America.

3 years ago

chris evans Captain America

Chris Evans May Boldly Join Star Trek

With the future of Star Trek films currently uncertain, a new rumor suggests that Captain America’s Chris Pine might be boldly joining this franchise.

3 years ago

chris evans marvel

Chris Evans To Return As Captain America For A Specific Marvel Movie Project

Is Chris Evans coming back as Captain America? A new report says it’s true.

3 years ago

tom crusie john krasinski marvel feature

See Tom Cruise and John Krasinski Together As Iron Man and Captain America

Tom Cruise and John Krasinski got the superhero treatment in this new concept art.

3 years ago

john krasinski captain america feature

John Krasinski To Play Captain America For Marvel?

John Krasinski could be strapping on the shield according to one report.

3 years ago

chris evans nude feature

Chris Evans Shared A Nude Photo Of Himself By Accident

Chris Evans sent out a nude pic and it broke the internet.

3 years ago

Marvel’s Phase 3 Includes Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Updates, Inhumans, And More

Disney has been working to expand the scope and breadth of their Star Wars universe, Warner Bros. and DC Comics …

9 years ago

captain america vs. master chief

Halo’s Master Chief Battles Captain America For This Super Power Beat Down

A practice not simply relegated to fanboys, wondering who would be the victor in a fight between two highly recognizable …

10 years ago