Chris Evans Will Return As Captain America To Fight Wolverine

By Ross Bonaime | 4 months ago

Captain America Chris Evans

One of the biggest rumors so far this year has been that former Captain America actor Chris Evans would be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although there seems to be some uncertainty as to whether this news is true or not, it has sparked interest in seeing Chris Evans return to his superhero role. Now, a new rumor suggests that Evans might be returning for three projects, including one that would have Steve Rogers facing off against Wolverine.

This latest rumor comes from gossip writer Daniel Richtman on his Patreon, where he states that Chris Evans is in talks for three different Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. According to the original Deadline rumor, Evans was only in discussion for one film, with the possibility of other projects in the future. According to Richtman, one of these projects would see a version of Captain America from another Earth, in which he is an agent for Hydra. This storyline shocked comic book fans years ago, when Captain American said the line “Hail Hydra,” and it looks like Marvel might be looking for that same surprise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The other project, according to Richtman, would show the real version of Captain America in the past fighting with Wolverine. Avengers: Endgame showed that Captain America had gone back in time to spend his life with his love, Peggy Olsen. It sounds as though if this rumor is true, we might see elements of what happened to a younger Captain America during this time period. That is, if Chris Evans really does return to this role.

chris evans Captain America

Chris Evans has previously been pretty vocal about being done with Captain America after his story seemingly wrapped up in Avengers: Endgame. This nice conclusion gave Steve Rogers his happy ending, and allowed Captain America to pass his shield on to The Falcon. By returning to the role, Evans would risk the possibility of ruining what was a pretty perfect ending for Rogers.

But after the news broke from Deadline, saying that Chris Evans was in talks to return as Captain America, Evans posted on his Twitter account “News to me,” supposedly in response to the rumor. While this could very well be Evans trying to draw attention away from the rumor to surprise with his eventual return, it seems that with the differences between Deadline and Daniel Richtman’s rumors, and Evans flat out saying he didn’t know what anyone was talking about when it came to this rumor, it seems at this point like it all might just be a rumor.

Yet the implications of this rumor also hints that if Chris Evans did return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it could be a while. Multiple versions of characters haven’t become a part of this universe yet, even though it does sound like it will happen in Marvel’s Phase Four. Meanwhile, even though Fantastic Four has already been announced on the way, there haven’t been any concrete plans announced yet for what Marvel will do with the X-Men or Wolverine. Maybe this would be Wolverine and the X-Men’s introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s still unclear what film this would even happen in.

Chris Evans captain America

While it would be nice to see Chris Evans return to Captain America, his story is wrapped up, and Evans has stated he is done with the character. Things change and certainly, Marvel wouldn’t be against Evans coming back for a few more performances as Captain America. But as of right now, it seems that Evans’ return is nothing more than wishful thinking.