Anthony Mackie May Bail On Marvel For Another Franchise?

Would Anthony Mackie bail on Marvel? If so, for what? A new rumor suggests he's looking to new prospects.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Even though the DCEU has only recently started tasting the success the Marvel Cinematic Universe had attained years ago, it is, nevertheless, still a major lucrative franchise. Thus when news reports or even a rumor suggests that some actor is eager to or has joined the franchise, it is not a possibility that is hard to digest. But what if someone says that Anthony Mackie is thinking of ditching Marvel in favor of joining the DCEU?

As per a recent report by insider Daniel Richtman, Anthony Mackie, who recently headlined his own Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, is thinking of joining the DCEU. Unfortunately, beyond this tiny detail, Richtman has not shared anything more to support his claim, which raises the question of how authentic is his report? Is it really possible that Anthony Mackie could be thinking of leaving Marvel and joining the DCEU, which is currently matching its rival’s trend of adapting and introducing more characters from the comics?

The answer would be resounding “No!”, something that would still be obvious even if Richtman had added more evidence to his lofty claim. The idea of Anthony Mackie leaving Marvel would have been easier to digest when he was merely Chris Evans’ Captain America’s trusted sidekick, the Falcon. He barely had leading scenes and the focus of the films he earlier appeared in was always Steve Rogers. 

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But that’s not the case anymore. Not only did The Falcon and The Winter Soldier put Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson center stage and in the thick of the action, but it also firmly established him as a worthy successor of Steve as the new Captain America. He is no longer the sidekick whose absence won’t hurt a film’s storyline. He is the leading actor who is soon going to star in his own Marvel film, i.e., Captain America 4. Even though the casting hasn’t been confirmed yet, given how in the end credits of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale the title card was changed to Captain America and The Winter Soldier, it is only obvious.

Anthony Mackie’s role as Captain America is more significant than when Chris Evans played the part. We are, hands down, totally in agreement with the fact that no one can trump Evans as the star-spangled superhero. But the simple fact that Sam didn’t take the super-soldier serum even when he had the chance and still choosing to save people as an ordinary human, already makes him one of the best Avengers. 

It is difficult to imagine that Marvel Studios, which has been working hard to make the MCU inclusive, would let Anthony Mackie leave when their decision of establishing him as the new Captain America has been highly lauded. While Mackie’s resume is already rich with many memorable roles he has played throughout his career, he will now be one of the leading stars of one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood. Imagine him ditching this for building his presence from scratch in another franchise that honestly doesn’t have the best recording in adapting iconic superheroes from the comics to the screen? The chances of that happening are logically less than slim.