Dwayne Johnson Posts Photos Of Him Stealth Wearing His Black Adam Costume

Dwayne Johnson maybe didnt mean to, but he posted something today that looks like the Black Adam suit he's wearing on the set of the film

By Doug Norrie | Published

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is getting close to finally taking part in a legit superhero movie (Hobbs and Shaw doesn’t count) and we can almost count down the days until we get him in the DC Extended Universe. With Black Adam production underway everyone is trying to get a glimpse of Johnson in the lead role, to see how he cuts the cloth of a real superhero from the comic book pages. And we got our first (tiny) glimpse of it when Dwayne Johnson recently posted a picture of himself in the uniform (sort of). 

Over on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson was promoting his drink Zoa Energy with apparently the actor being in the middle of a board meeting. He’s all “blah, blah, blah” with the financials of the company and how it’s in good hands. Whatever. The real news is what we see under Johnson’s robe. No, not that. His Black Adam costume. While trying to hide it from the rest of the board members, and us, but it’s still there peeking out. Check it out:

While it isn’t in your face, you can see Dwayne Johnson has his shoulders even more pronounced than usual and the undershirt is clearly part of the overall suit, meant to be the layer under the gold gloves the character will presumably have in the movie. Whether the Zoa board knew they were talking to a legit superhero, a dude with a golden lightning bolt carefully hidden under that black set robe isn’t clear. But this is Dwayne Johnson in uniform for sure, even if it is a bit more alias than actual crimefighter at the moment. 

Filming for Black Adam got underway in early April with Dwayne Johnson leading the way in his first superhero film. It’s set to be one of the bigger productions the DC Extended Universe will have, a way to ignite more interest in this group of characters after some starts and stops with its Justice League crew. Joining Dwayne Johnson in the cast is Aldi Hodge as Hawkman, Noah Contineo as Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindle as Cyclone, and Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate in what will be something of an origin story for the titular character but also the Justice Society of America. 

black adam dwayne johnson

Though those are parts of the Black Adam suit under the robe, know that Dwayne Johnson has been getting jacked for this new role. His muscles are getting muscles in an effort to bulk up to levels that are high for this already bulky dude. There’s no doubt he’s fully bought into the role with the chance to start a real franchise under the DC umbrella. There’s talk this film will trend a little more comedic and darker than some other films in the universe, with possibly a bit more of an R-rated vibe. That feels right in Johnson’s wheelhouse. 

The tentative date to finally see Dwayne Johnson in the Black Adam costume and not under wraps at some lame board room meeting is July 29, 2022. So we are more than a year away. But rest assured, it will be more than worth it when it happens, a culmination of this guy’s career to finally get him a superhero cape and costume of his own.