Exclusive: Marvel Planning Captain America 4 With Chris Evans

Marvel is trying to get Chris Evans back as Captain America for a very specific reason.

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Chris Evans will always be Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America in the hearts and minds of many fans. The actor brought such incredible charisma and magnetism to one of the most important roles in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though his story was given a perfect conclusion in Avengers: Endgame, there are fans who have been hoping that he would return to the role one day in Captain America 4. There have been rumors that he could appear as a very different multiverse version of the character, but there has not been any news hinting at Chris Evans coming back as the Captain America we all know and love. That all changes today.

According to our trusted inside source – the same one that provided Giant Freakin Robot with confirmed exclusive scoops regarding Chloe Bennet returning as Quake for a new Marvel series and Don Cheadle appearing as War Machine in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Chris Evans is being sought after by Marvel Studios to return in Captain America 4. What exactly would this fourth film be about? Our source says that it would actually focus on Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon after he has taken on the mantle of Captain America, which will be one of the major character arcs of Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We are being told that Marvel wants Evans to appear as Steve Rogers in this new solo Captain America movie.

There are definitely some specifics questions we have about Chris Evans returning for Captain America 4. A big one concerns the age of the character. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, we saw Steve Rogers had grown into an old man after deciding to return back to the past in order to live out his life with his love, Peggy Carter. When Sam and Steve had a conversation, Steve gave Sam the iconic vibranium shield that has come to symbolize the mantle of Captain America. So, does this mean that the fourth solo film in the Captain America series would feature Evans returning to play the old version of Steve? Would he be acting as a mentor and advisor to Sam now that Falcon has decided to take on the identity of Captain America? And if Evans is returning as the old man take on Steve, just how prominent does Marvel Studios want him to be in the movie?

chris evans captain america

Or, is there a different plan in place for Chris Evans and how he would be utilized in Captain America 4? With Marvel planning to dive headfirst into the multiverse, could we see a different Steve Rogers from an alternate reality show up in the fourth installment of the Captain America series? Or, will there be time travel involved? Avengers: Endgame has established how time travel works in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it is not impossible that the same technology could be used to bring a young Steve Rogers into the present for some reason regarding the plot. And further still, there could be an even simpler explanation: that Steve Rogers would be appearing in flashbacks when he was still Captain America. This might be the most probable scenario of the bunch.

In fact, Captain America 4 could use flashbacks for a very pointed reason: what if Marvel Studios wants Chris Evans back because they want to give us the funeral of Steve Rogers? Having Steve pass away peacefully would give Sam yet another reason to grapple with his new identity as Captain America. Seeing touching and integral flashbacks to moments between Sam and Steve would help punctuate the loss of Steve Rogers and would get Evans back in the role without futzing too much with his specifically crafted image and continuity regarding the character. And if people learn that the fourth Captain America movie features the death of Steve Rogers, you can bet that would put butts in seats.

We will have to wait and see exactly how Marvel Studios wants to use Chris Evans in Captain America 4. It is possible that the actor could decline their offer, but it certainly sounds like the current story is being developed so that Steve Rogers will be some kind of crucial part. We would love to see Evans in the role one more time, so fingers crossed he signs on the dotted line.

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