Marvel Introduces LGBTQ Captain America

Marvel announces a new Captain America who is a member of the LGBTQ community.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Last week, Marvel announced the new upcoming limited miniseries titled The United States of Captain America, which celebrates Captain America’s 80th anniversary, and introduces the new LGBTQ Captain – Aaron Fischer.

Marvel’s newest LBGTQ hero’s debut coincides with Pride Month when the series’ first issue is set to arrive. Aaron, a fearless youth who stepped up to protect the marginalized groups in our society, is greatly inspired by the heroes of the LGBTQ community: leaders, activists, and everyday people.

The creators of the new LGBTQ Captain America, writer Joshua Trujillo and artist Jan Bazaldua, expressed their gratitude for the chance to work on Aaron’s design and his backstory. They’re hoping that the story will resonate with the audience and inspire the next generation of heroes. Bazaldua, a trans woman herself, stated: “I really enjoyed designing him, and as a transgender person, I am happy to be able to present an openly gay person who admires Captain America and fights against evil to help those who are almost invisible to society.”

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However, Aaron’s LGBTQ Captain America is not the only new Captain of the series; Marvel announced a new Captain for each new issue of The United States of Captain America. A diverse lineup of talent will join leading story writer and artist Christopher Cantwell and Dale Eagleton to help create and introduce new shield-bearers. Marvel will continue to announce and reveal new heroes and their background stories in the following weeks.

The series’s leading story starts when Captain America’s shield gets stolen by a masked thief, and Steve Rogers, later joined by Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and one other former Captain, sets out to retrieve it. The four heroes who wore The First Avenger’s mantle will embark on a countrywide road-trip during which they’ll meet heroes of often overlooked communities in the United States, such as the LGBTQ community.

Christopher Cantwell, and the rest of the team behind the LGBTQ Captain America title, say are excited to work on such a project, accepting the creative challenge of living up to the character’s legacy, driving the central narrative around the Cap’s stolen shield. However, with each issue featuring a different Captain with a different backstory, Steve Rogers will come in contact with those he swore to protect. He’ll also have to reconcile with those who decided to step up and protect others by interpreting him as a person, icon, or symbol.

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The different backstories behind the main narrative will undoubtedly give the series more depth, as fans become introduced to new Captains inspired by Rogers’ footsteps, iconic role, and legacy.

The United Stated of Captain America is set to release on Wednesday, June 2nd, the first week of Pride Month. It follows the footsteps of Marvel’s Voices: Pride 1, Marvel’s first-ever LGBTQ-centered release, featuring a growing roster of Marvel’s LGBTQ+ characters.

Remember, Captain America Comics #1 was released in March 1941 and sold nearly one million copies, ensuring Captain America’s prominence in the comic book scene of the time. Today, Christopher Cantwell and the all-star talent lineup on his team hope to commemorate the character’s anniversary with a bold new series involving the LGBTQ community. Judging from what we have heard so far, they’re doing a great job.

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