A Chris Evans Captain America Show In The Works?

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

chris evans captain america

Ever since we left an old Steve Rogers on that park bench at the end of Avengers: Endgame there’s been a certain segment of Marvel fan who have wanted Chris Evans back, in some form, with the shield and red, white and blue spandex. But with the Captain America mantle being passed, that seems less likely. Though there have been some rumors that a Captain America show, with Evans in the lead, is in some stage of development. It would be a story we know happened, but didn’t see carried out. 

The new Captain America story, with the Chris Evans version back in character, comes via a rumor from Reddit user /noneofyourdizness who’s been able to offer some other tidbits and teasers along the way. In his description there have been discussions about a Disney+ series centered on Evans-as-Captain America returning the Infinity Stones one-by-one, the timeline that happened at the end of Endgame. We saw him beam off into the past on the mission but when he didn’t come back in the proper time, there was a question about whether he’d succeeded. 

This new rumored Captain America show with Chris Evans in the lead would tell the story of him returning the stones, one by one, to their correct owner and timeline. Apparently, another element that would factor in would be Red Skull, at some point, joining him on the adventure and therefore redeeming himself in a fashion to have him be able to escape the infinity on Vormir. But the leaker is quick to remind us that this story might be without much in the way of emotion considering we already know how it works out for Captain America in this mission. 

chris evans

We knew quickly that he did, in fact, return all of the stones, but then decided to live the life he’d never gotten to as Captain America. We catch up with him quickly as an old man with an aged Chris Evans sitting on the bench with Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson. And we now that in that timeline he was able to finally be with Peggy Carter, the lost love from him past he gave up when he went into the ice. If the ending to the series would already be known, could there really be any intrigue or suspense? Sure, seeing Chris Evans back in the suit and fighting his way through different timelines would be cool, but it could prove a shallow story. 

The leaker is quick to say that this new Chris Evans Captain America series was simply in the idea stage and might have been stalled because of the aforementioned problems in giving the show any real gravity. If the goal was to simply get Evans back in the suit because he was such a popular character, that’s one thing. But jamming in a story just to do it wouldn’t be something I’d think Marvel would buy into quickly. 

And we know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now working to distance themselves from Chris Evans as Captain American with Anthony Mackie now fully entrenched in the character. Following the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Mackie’s Sam Wilson finally took the shield and accepted the responsibility of what it means to be Captain America. He’ll be the star of Captain America 4 when it is finally released. That movie could go a number of different directions with the character and could even build out the number of Captain Americas in the world, as well as different versions internationally. 

Will we ever see Chris Evans return as Captain America. Considering his age and the size of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think it’s a strong bet that he’s back at some point, in some fashion. But for a series about a story whose ending we already know? That doesn’t seem the most likely place for him to come back.