One Of The Main Avengers Filmed Scenes For Falcon & Winter Soldier, They Were Cut

A key Avenger didn't appear in Falcon & Winter Soldier, though their scenes were filmed.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


The finale of the six-episode season of Falcon & Winter Soldier has now aired on Disney+ and fans have seen the conclusion. However, with any project, there are always ideas thrown around that never happened. With this particular show, many had hopefully expected that, just possibly, Chris Evans would appear. The show had been avoiding saying a lot about what his character, Steve Rogers, has been up to. That could possibly be to avoid interrupting any plans happenings for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, balancing so many shows on Disney+ with the MCU is a lot of work. But maybe the show was building toward a big and unexpected camo from the star? Some hoped.

Now we’ve learned that, according to what insider Daniel Richtman has shared with his Patreon page, Chris Evans and Florence Pugh had cameos cut from Falcon & Winter Soldier. This is the entirety of what he has shared. If what he has heard is accurate, it raises more questions than it answers. It actually raises a ton of questions, so let’s break into that.

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Were the cameos cut from the finale or from other episodes? It would seem likely that such a big cameo would be a climactic event and happen there, but while Richtman is sharing this news after the airing of the finale, he doesn’t specify when they would have happened. He also doesn’t say whether these cut scenes included Chris Evans and Florence Pugh together or if they had separate scenes. If we knew that, we could make more guesses about what those lost Falcon & Winter Soldier scenes may have included.

This rumor also raises questions about why they would have cut cameos from Falcon & Winter Soldier that included Chris Evans and Florence Pugh. Realistically, a cameo from Steve Rogers would be a big deal. That would draw in a lot of viewers for the Disney+ series. And if they got these two Marvel Cinematic Universe actors on set, you would think they would want to use that footage for those reasons alone. From a story perspective, however, brief cameos from these actors may have been seriously distracting. Instead of watching Falcon and Bucky and focusing on what’s happening with them, audiences would be wondering if that one scene was all they’d see from Steve Rogers or if they’d be seeing more of him in the next scene. They’d expect his appearance to tie more into the overall series. The focus would come around to him.

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As for Florence Pugh, it would have made a lot of marketing sense to include her character, considering that she is about to appear as Yelena Belova in the Hawkeye mini-series and in the Black Widow movie. Letting us get even a glimpse of her in Falcon & Winter Soldier would be good for introducing audiences to her story as Natasha Romanoff’s sister and in the Avengers universe. However, if they needed to cut the scene with Chris Evans and her scenes tied into whatever was happening there, her scenes may have no longer made sense.

While audiences would have loved to see Steve Rogers, the safest bet is that they cut Chris Evans’ scenes from Falcon & Winter Soldier because they no longer made story sense. It seems odd though. Richtman says the scenes were cut, which implies that they may have been filmed. With so much story happening in so many series, a likely theory is that the scenes no longer made sense because they conflicted with something in another Disney+ series or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then, the other project’s storyline won out and Steve Rogers was ultimately cut after Chris Evans already filmed the scenes. Of course, this is only speculation.

If the rumor proves true, we may luck into more rumors or leaks on this news soon so we can find out what would have actually happened in those scenes and make sense of why they would cut out anything with Steve Rogers from the Disney+ show.