A Female Captain America To Be Introduced In Captain America 4?

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago

Captain America 4

Who is going to be Captain America in Captain America 4? This is a question bound to sell movie tickets. Everyone wants to know, so of course, Marvel isn’t going to tell us. But it also means that insiders are hot on the lookout. Today, insider Daniel Richtman has shared what he’s heard with his Patreon page. He hears that the film will have multiple Captains. Among them will be Sam, US Agent, Eli Bradley, and an unknown woman. He also hears there will be others.

So, who could the unknown woman be? While the Marvel Cinematic Universe only borrows from Marvel Comics, never strictly following the comic book plots, the comics publisher did confirm a female Captain America for their work not too long ago. More recently, they’ve announced that there will be a Black Woman as Captain America in July’s issue of The United States of Captain America. So, the comics are setting up the possibility that a woman with the shield is a possibility for Captain America 4.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only instance of a woman with the shield coming soon, so perhaps all these iterations are heralding a woman Captain in for the Captain America 4 movie. Later this month, we’re going to see a woman as Captain in a Disney+ series. Marvel comics has done a series called What If…?. In that comic series, they were free to explore ideas of what the universe would have been like if a pivotal event had been different. For example, they did an issue on what would happen if Hulk still had the brain of Bruce Banner. Now, Disney+ is making What If…? into an animated series. In our first look at the trailer, we saw that they had reimagined things, asking what would have happened if Peggy Carter were Captain America?

peggy carter

While Peggy Carter lived long ago and so isn’t in the running for the shield in Captain America 4, her great-niece Sharon Carter is still around. She recently showed up in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. With her story line in the show, it seems unusual she’d be up for the shield. But she also returned out of nowhere, so it’s unclear what the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be trying to set up for her in the future.

Outside of Sharon Carter, there aren’t a lot of women surrounding the Captain America storylines to take up the shield. Where we’ve seen Sam being set up to become a Captain for a long time, would the woman character be someone new? Someone we’ve seen in other Marvel films? In the spirit of “absolutely anything goes”, Steve Rogers was romantically involved with Wanda Maximoff in the comics. Yes, that’s strange but true. That creates a tie between the characters for the writers. And the characters have at least a mild connection in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Wanda seems busy enough in Phase 4 already, perhaps she could take a moment to step in and pick up the shield, though who knows how strange her take on being Captain America would be. That sounds like a challenging take for a What If…? episode for Disney+.

If insider Daniel Richtman is right and the studio moves forward with a woman Captain for Captain America 4, it’s hard to say who that woman might be. It seems very possible that it may be a new character entirely, which is always a touch disappointing. It would be better to see someone with an arc picking up the shield. That’s part of what will be so powerful for Sam’s story in the upcoming movie.