Starship Skeletons And Decommisioned Droids: Your Weird But Awesome Art Of The Day

By David Wharton | 8 years ago


Science fiction has toyed with the idea of organic spacecraft for decades, with quite a few varieties gracing the big and small screens over the years. There was Farscape’s Moya, Babylon 5’s Vorlon ships, even Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Tin Man.” But what if all of the spaceships out there were organic? It’s one of those bizarre questions that might flit through your mind on a lazy Tuesday afternoon, but then most of us would get distracted and move on. Not artist Josh Ln, however. He peeled back the hulls of numerous famous fictional starships and gave us a look at the bones that hold them together. Just don’t ask me where the crew is supposed to fit, because there are some things it’s better not to think about.

You can see Ln’s bony versions of the Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica’s Viper Mk-II, Firefly’s Serenity, Doctor Who’s TARDIS, and more in the gallery below. Although I have to detract points for the TARDIS one since everyone knows it’s bigger on the inside.


Prints of all of those images are available right here, most of them listed for $15 – $17. Ln has also got tons of other great art to peruse, and I particularly like his series focusing on decommissioned droids, forecasting a sad end for RoboCop, Data, and more. Check ‘em out below.