• Established: 1987
  • Created By: Edward Neumeier
  • Owner: Amazon

Latest Robocop News

The Better RoboCop: Peter Keller Or Joel Kinnaman?

Can the new guy land a blow on the classic?

3 weeks ago

1990 Sci-Fi Action Blockbuster Sequel Gets Upgrade Fans Have Been Waiting For

RoboCop is one of the best action films of all time, and it didn’t quite recreate the magic in its …

2 months ago

robocop returns robocop 2 poster feature

RoboCop Secret Uncovered After 33 Years

A simple home renovation turned into a mystery-solving endeavor when Lisa Young stumbled upon a sizable sketch of RoboCop, the …

2 months ago

ai nukes

Can You Name Every Film In The Ultimate Sci-Fi Movie Supercut?

When it comes to sci-fi fandom, everyone wants to think they are the consummate expert on the subject, all-knowing and …

3 months ago

Joel Kinnaman Is Right About The RoboCop Remake

2014’s RoboCop remake wasn’t welcomed with open arms by the franchise’s fans. Unlike the first 1987 RoboCop movie—which is largely …

3 months ago

james cameron terminator fortnite

The Best Terminator Stories Get Incredible New Release Fans Need To Own

Dynamite Entertainment, a comic book and graphic novel publishing company known for reviving and modernizing classic comics, recently announced its …

3 months ago

robocop john cena

RoboCop Suit Turns Police Into Terrifying Weapons

Law enforcement agencies worldwide will soon witness a transformation akin to the futuristic realm of RoboCop with the unveiling of …

6 months ago

Star Trek And RoboCop Have Some Major Connections

If you think the only connection between Starfleet and Omni Consumer Products is that they both follow a Prime Directive, …

6 months ago

RoboCop And Total Recall Director Gets Brutally Honest About Remakes

Both the 1987 RoboCop and 1990’s Total Recall were massive hits that painted a clear picture of what we can …

6 months ago

RoboCop Director Returning For Another Sci-Fi Blockbuster?

Paul Verhoeven recently went on record stating that he’s open to work on another sci-fi blockbuster like Robocop or Total …

7 months ago

RoboCop Vs Predator Now Available For Free

Recently, RoboCop: Rogue City has been reminding fans of just how cool it is to take control of everyone’s favorite …

7 months ago

Joel Kinnaman Opens Up On Disappointing RoboCop Remake

Every movie lover knows remakes are very hit or miss, and the pressure is really on when a studio is …

8 months ago

robocop returns feature 2

The RoboCop Oreo Video From New Documentary Had Us Laughing Uncontrollably

Who would have thought that RoboCop was such a fan of Oreos? In the recent four-part SCREAMBOX Original Series RoboDoc: …

8 months ago

The Best Sci-Fi Movie Of The ’80s Is Still A Knockout

RoboCop, currently streaming on MGM+, is certainly one of the greatest sci-fi movies of the ’80s and is worth a …

9 months ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Dystopian Blockbuster Deserves More Sequels Than Robocop

2012’s Dredd is streaming now on Netflix, and it is time to take a look back at this wild action …

10 months ago

robocop returns robocop 2 poster feature

Our RoboCop Series Scoop Confirmed By Deadline

Deadline has confirmed our exclusive report that Amazon is making a new RoboCop series.

1 year ago

robocop john cena

Exclusive: RoboCop Series In The Works For Amazon, John Cena Eyed And Plot Details Revealed

A RoboCop TV series is being developed for Amazon, with both Peter Weller returning to mentor a new character who producers hope will be played by John Cena.

1 year ago

The Greatest Cop Movie Of All Time Is Streaming For Free

Robocop, Paul Verhoeven’s dark satire of the late 80’s, is now streaming for free on Amazon Freevee.

1 year ago

michael keaton

A Bewilderingly Bad Michael Keaton Remake Is Dominating Streaming

Michael Keaton starred in this bewildering remake in the middle of his 2010s comeback, which just makes it weirder.

2 years ago

robocop john cena

The RoboCop Cast Is Everywhere In Star Trek, See Who They Played

There’s a lot of crossover there!

2 years ago

eighties action heroes
chris evans robocop

Exclusive: Chris Evans Eyed For New RoboCop Movie

In the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive, Sony is eyeing Chris Evans to take on the role of Robocop in an upcoming movie.

2 years ago

joel kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman Starring In Dialogue-Free Action Film From Legendary Director

Joel Kinnaman’s been tapped to star in an upcoming action movie with one of the best living action movie directors!

3 years ago

robocop game

RoboCop Game Announced, Watch The First Trailer

Check out the trailer for the newly announced RoboCop game.

3 years ago


Robocop’s Director Just Made An Erotic Lesbian Nun Drama, Here’s The First Teaser

We finally have our first look at the RoboCop director’s next film.

3 years ago

eiza gonzalez

Exclusive: Eiza Gonzalez To Star In Robocop Returns

Eiza Gonzalez could be joining RoboCop Returns, the new sequel that’s on the way.

3 years ago


RoboCop Returns: All We Know About The New Movie

Here’s all the news we’ve been able to find out about RoboCop Returns, the new sequel to the sci-fi classic.

robocop series dick jones feature

New RoboCop Series Happening, But Without The Most Important Part

A RoboCop series without RoboCop? What will this TV show be about?

4 years ago

The Toughest Science Fiction Characters Of All Time

Stallone, Schmallone.

5 years ago


Watch The Favorite Death Scenes Of 26 Different Directors

There are a lot of great, memorable death scenes in movies. Some pack an emotional punch, others play key narrative …

10 years ago