Our RoboCop Series Scoop Confirmed By Deadline

Deadline has confirmed our exclusive report that Amazon is making a new RoboCop series.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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Once again, our trusted and proven sources have been proven to be, well, trusted. Two weeks ago, we exclusively reported that a RoboCop series was in the works at Amazon, and now Deadline has confirmed our scoop. In fact, not only is a RoboCop series in the works, but Amazon Studios will be fronting new films or series for Stargate, Legally Blonde, Fame, Barbershop, The Magnificent Seven, Pink Panther, and The Thomas Crown Affair reboots as well.

All of the series and new movies Amazon has announced to be in development come from the everything store’s recent acquisition of MGM last year. After sifting through nearly 100 years of content from the Hollywood studio, Amazon has decided to reboot some classic titles, with one of the first projects in the works being the RoboCop series. 

In addition to the RoboCop series, there might also be a new RoboCop film being discussed, which is likely dependent on how well the series does. Although Deadline didn’t have much to say as far as details for the new RoboCop series, our trusted and proven sources suggest that Amazon is eyeing John Cena to lead the show.

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According to Deadline, Amazon is looking to use a mixture of both already in-house talent and new recruits to headline these upcoming projects. Cena has already been working with Amazon on two other projects—the comedy Ricky Stanicky (currently in post-production) and the action-comedy Grand Death Lotto (currently in production)—which makes him a prime candidate to star in the RoboCop series. Additionally, Cena is a popular actor that audiences enjoy watching and who has proven his chops for both action and comedic roles.

Per our exclusive report, the RoboCop series will follow a new cybercop (John Cena) named Marc Kyle. Kyle’s backstory will differ slightly from the original RoboCop’s story, with Kyle being a soldier, whereas Peter Weller’s Alex Murphy was a police officer. Similar to Murphy, however, Kyle will die in service and will be resurrected as a cyborg, with Murphy there as his mentor. 

No confirmation has been confirmed that the franchise’s original co-writer, Edward Neumeier, will be a part of the RoboCop series, although it is probable. Neumeier has been trying to get a RoboCop reboot revival in the works for years and will likely jump at the chance to make sure that the new RoboCop series is done right. Previously, Neil Blomkamp (District 9) and Abe Forsythe (Wolf Like Me) have been rumored to direct, but it’s currently unclear if either is still attached to sit in the coveted director’s chair. 

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John Cena in Peacemaker

Although a RoboCop reboot has been attempted many times over the years, it seems as though Amazon’s new acquisition of MGM Studios has kicked the project into high gear and now the RoboCop series is finally taking off. It will be interesting to see if producers do get John Cena attached to the project, as while he would be perfect for the part, he also has 12 projects currently in the works, including the second season of Peacemaker waiting to be filmed.