We Found Out If Peacemaker Season 2 Is Still Happening

The good news is that we're getting another season of Peacemaker; the bad news is that it will likely be several years before it comes out.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

Fans of the DCU are anxiously awaiting Season 2 of Peacemaker, and we have some good news and bad news for them. The good news is that we will be seeing a second season of the popular Suicide Squad spinoff, but the bad news is that we will probably have to wait a few years because James Gunn is wearing many hats at this point in his career. According to Deadline, James Gunn and Peter Safran are busy working on Waller, a Peacemaker spinoff starring Viola Davis, and then have to switch gears for the Superman: Legacy movie that’s slated for a July 11, 2025 release.

Though this may seem like a long time for us to wait for Season 2 of Peacemaker, we will soon be graced with the presence of Amanda Waller, head of A.R.G.U.S., and director of the Suicide Squad. The new series, Waller, which occupies the same universe as Peacemaker, will be a top priority before switching gears to the cinematic front with the new Superman flick, which will be the first movie of the new DCU. Sure, we may not see John Cena engaging in bloody combat at full capacity, but there’s no reason we won’t see him reprising his role during the interim phases between Peacemaker seasons.

The delay for Peacemaker season 2 comes as a bit of a surprise, but the phrase “better late than never,” comes to mind. Gunn and Safran are busy building out the DCU on both the television and film fronts, and clearly, there are a lot of moving parts to consider. But rest assured, because Gunn has clarified that Waller will take place between Seasons 1 and 2 of Peacemaker, we are hoping for at least a Peacemaker cameo to tide us over while Season 2 is temporarily on the back burner.


But at the end of the day, the world of comic book franchises is known for its series crossovers and cameos. In regard to Waller, Gunn has gone on record stating, “We’re using the same actors; this is a continuation of Peacemaker.” I’m working on Superman, so we can’t do Peacemaker Season 2. We’re working on Waller in between.”

Good things certainly come to those who wait, so we just have to be patient. And we should consider ourselves lucky because the merge between Warner Bros. Discovery, and HBO Max has made us uncertain about the fate of some of our favorite series due to budget cuts and cancelations. When questioned on Twitter about whether Season 2 of Peacemaker would live to see another day, Gunn simply responded, “Yes, guys, calm down.”

Fans were right to be worried, however, but can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this isn’t the end of Peacemaker. While it’s no mystery at this point that James Gunn has his hands full with his new position alongside Peter Safran as co-chairman and co-CEO of DC Studios, he’s certainly hard at work expanding the universe with compelling and adult-themed series compared to his Marvel counterparts. So we’re just going to have to sit tight and wait a few years to see the continuation of Peacemaker.

Though it’s certainly worth stating that we’d rather see Gunn’s best work rather than his rushed work.