James Gunn Says Marvel Vs DC Is Being Discussed

James Gunn says now that he's heading up DC there is a chance we see that franchise battle Marvel in some way.

By Chad Langen | Updated

James Gunn, Marvel, DC

The prospect of a Marvel and DC movie crossover is a dream come true for superhero fans, but the possibility of it happening in the near future seems highly unlikely. That being said, James Gunn who has experience working with both franchises, told Empire Online that the idea is on the table. But he also explained there are a few obstacles to overcome.

With his recent appointment as the co-head of the newly formed DC , however, the renowned filmmaker believes he has a better shot at making the next-level crossover a reality than anybody else.

In the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 issue of Empire, James Gunn said that a crossover between Marvel and DC is “more likely now that I’m in charge [at DC].” Although he acknowledged that such a project is “many years away,” he did confirm that there have been discussions. He added, “I think we have to establish what we’re doing [at DC] first.”

James Gunn has made a name for himself by directing some of the biggest comic book movies of all time. He helmed all three Guardians of the Galaxy movies for Marvel, with the third installment of the series set to be released next month. In addition, he wrote and directed The Suicide Squad for DC, and created the spin-off series Peacemaker for HBO Max.

With his ability to balance humor, action, and emotion in his projects, James Gunn is the perfect person to oversee a crossover between Marvel and DC. He undoubtedly has the experience necessary to handle both universes’ tonal differences. Plus, his love for the source material is evident in his films, where he brings characters to life in a way that is both faithful to the comics and fresh to new audiences.

James Gunn’s love for superheroes is rooted in his childhood. He has previously stated that he grew up reading both Marvel and DC comic books, allowing him to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for the characters from both universes. This kind of knowledge is vital for a crossover project as it ensures that the characters will be treated with respect and given the depth they deserve.

Furthermore, a crossover between two of the biggest comic book universes of all time would need to be overseen by someone who is willing to take chances. James Gunn’s ability to take risks and make unconventional choices is precisely what is needed for a Marvel and DC crossover.

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For example, he has previously shown a willingness to take lesser-known characters and turn them into household names. This was the case with the Guardians of the Galaxy, a relatively unknown group of characters he turned into one of the most beloved teams in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although we share James Gunn’s view that a Marvel and DC crossover, if it occurs, is still years away, it is nonetheless thrilling to imagine such an extraordinary project. For now, Gunn’s priority appears to be getting the DC Universe back on the right course. With the recent release of a lengthy roster of film and television projects set to arrive in the next decade, courtesy of him and Peter Safran, it’s safe to say that Gunn is off to a solid start.