DC Studios Reveals Plan To Steal Marvel’s Actors

James Gunn revealed it has always been his plan to bring Marvel actors to DC.

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James Gunn has been a huge figure for superhero films in the past decade, with his future in the industry expected to bring even more excellent content to the genre. Before Gunn signed on as the co-CEO and creative head of DC, he was responsible for bringing the lesser-known Guardians of the Galaxy to life for Marvel studios, turning the misfit gang into fan favorites. Now, according to a write-up in Bounding Into Comics, Gunn has revealed it was “always his plan” to poach Marvel actors and bring them into the DC family.

After a tumultuous departure from Disney back in 2018 following a series of deeply offensive unearthed Tweets from the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker, James Gunn was hired by DC to helm a reboot of the critically panned 2016 Suicide Squad. In the years following, Gunn was rehired at Marvel and signed on to close out his Guardians trilogy before committing himself fully to his newfound position as the head of the DCU. With a series of news and announcements regarding the future of DC’s films, Gunn has stated that he’d love to continue working with his Marvel actors in new roles.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

During the brief cancelation of James Gunn, a number of Guardians of the Galaxy stars rallied for his return, such as Dave Bautista, who stated he would outright refuse to return for the third installment of the film series if Gunn was not attached. Now that James Gunn has taken over control of DC, his plans to bring Marvel actors into the new phase of the DCU include roles for Bautista as well as Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldaña, Karen Gillan, and Mantis actress Pom Klementieff. Of course, very few casting details have been officially released by DC at this time, but fans have already begun to speculate what roles these actors may inhabit.

James Gunn also made sure to specify that the relationship between DC and Marvel should always remain amicable and that the success of one studio does not entail the failure of another. The two comic book studios are at their best when looked at as two sides of the same coin, and not warring factions. Despite years of fans stoking the flames between DC and Marvel, it seems clear that superhero fans stand to gain the most when both studios are given the room to create incredible content.

This was certainly the case when Marvel and Sony were able to work out a deal that allowed the Sony-owned Marvel character of Spider-Man to enter the MCU. Despite rivaling one another at the box office, Sony and Marvel were able to set aside their differences in order to deliver Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy, which many fans consider to be some of the best films in the Marvel catalog. With James Gunn helming the future of DC, and Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 arriving in theaters this May, we’re hoping to see a harmonious melding of worlds under Gunn’s umbrella of creativity.

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