Gerard Butler Highly Anticipated Sci-Fi Sequel Starts Filming

By Britta DeVore | Published

Gerard Butler Greenland migration

Buckle-up action buffs, filmmaker Ric Roman Waugh took to his social media to reveal the gargantuan news that Gerard Butler and the rest of the team behind Greenland: Migration are back in biz. The director dropped an image from the first film that showed the harrowing trip that the Garrity family (Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd) were on to survive a cataclysmic event involving a gargantuan comet’s collision course with the planet. Although no release date was revealed in the write-up, it did share that, along with Butler, Morena Baccarin is on board to return for the sequel which will be penned by Chris Sparling, who wrote the first film.


Gerard Butler Greenland migration

The first movie, which crashed into theaters back in 2020, was a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish, and with Gerard Butler and so many other familiar names returning for Greenland: Migration, we expect nothing but more where that came from in the sequel. Gerard Butler plays John Garrity, who, along with his wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), work hard to raise their young diabetic son, Nathan (Roger Dale Floyd). Eyes around the world are peeled on the comet known as Clarke, a giant fireball quickly approaching Earth with the possibility to completely end the world as we know it.

How It Ends

After receiving a text from the government that he and his family have been selected to take shelter in an emergency unit, John and Allison race against time and the odds to get Nathan to safety. On their harrowing journey, every obstacle imaginable stands in their way, but in the end they make it to a bunker in Greenland just in the nick of time. The final moments of the film see Gerard Butler’s character and the others popping their heads above ground for the first time in months, realizing that it’s safe to begin their rebuild of the world–setting things up for Greenland: Migration.

Greenland: Migration

Gerard Butler Greenland migration

While not much is known about what will befall Gerard Butler’s on-screen family in Greenland: Migration, the title tells us that the Garrity family will likely be leaving the safety of their bunker in the Nordic country and striking out on their own. The journey will undoubtedly be a complicated one as rebuilding civilization from the ground up doesn’t seem like a walk in the park. With Ric Roman Waugh returning to the director’s chair, we can expect nothing but pulse-pounding action when the Garritys venture out for the next chapter of their lives. 

Butler And Waugh

For Ric Roman Waugh and Gerard Butler, Greenland: Migration is just the latest collaboration that will see the duo working alongside one another. They’ve previously joined forces on such titles as Angel Has Fallen, Kandahar, and, of course, Greenland. First making it professionally as a stuntman, Ric Roman Waugh has–like fellow stunt performer-turned-director, The Fall Guy’s David Leitch–begun to take huge steps forward into the filmmaking biz specifically with a focus on high-octane projects. 

Butler Wears Many Hats In Greenland: Migration

Along with starring, Gerard Butler and his G-BASE Film Production will serve as producers on Greenland: Migration.