RoboCop Game Announced, Watch The First Trailer

Check out the trailer for the newly announced RoboCop game.

By Jason Collins | Published

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The ’80s are invading video games! Or at least they seem to be, judging by the emergence of arcade cabinet replicas from the ’80s, the appearance of ’80s movie action-heroes in various gaming titles, and ’80s action hero dedicated games. After Ripley from Alien and Indiana Jones from the same-name movie franchise, the time has come for everyone’s favorite cyborg security professional, RoboCop, to make a long-awaited comeback to the world of video games.

The trailer for the upcoming RoboCop: Rogue City just dropped, and you can watch it below.

The new RoboCop game trailer announced the upcoming game on the Nacon Connect 2021 Livestream, showcasing many of the company’s upcoming titles and gaming accessories. While the trailer was largely unilluminating, it did feature a brief appearance of Old Detroit, a feature shot of RoboCop’s leg holster opening up, the game’s shiny logo, and the game’s potential release date for consoles and PC. If everything goes according to plan, the fans of the part-human-part-machine but all-cop will witness RoboCop’s new adventures sometime in 2023.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t specify which consoles the game’s release will be on, so we’ll just assume both the last- and the current-gen gaming hardware, much like 2019’s Terminator: Resistance, another gaming adaptation of the ’80s classic by the very same developer, Teyon. But other specifics are also scarce, like the game’s overall plot. According to the game’s publisher, Nacon, the game will feature an original story based on the events of the first three RoboCop films. And those are all the details we get for the time being, beyond the fun fact that we’ll get to adorn Alex Murphy’s full-body prosthetics.

RoboCop, much like most cinematic releases, had a rough go with the video games. Outside of movie-to-arcade adaptation from 1988, Robocop appeared in fourteen other video games, most of which were mediocre at best. Those that stand out are 2014’s RoboCop game for Android and the cybernetic peacekeeper’s appearance in the Mortal Kombat 11 video game. Hopefully, Teyon will turn things around for RoboCop and give him the game he deserves. One thing is certain – RoboCop is making a comeback to video games.

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This aligns with our initial statement about the ’80s invading the video gaming world. Just over a month ago, Activision hosted the Call of Duty Presents: 80s Action Heroes event, bringing John McClane and John Rambo to three Call of Duty games. This was followed by the unverified talk about the new Indiana Jones video games, which are also based on the ’80s movies. The RoboCop movie franchise had a reboot released in 2014, which received mixed reviews, with a possible direct sequel in the works.

As for the new RoboCop game, we hope that Teyon does a better job of adapting iconic ’80s movie franchises into video games. Admittedly, their Rambo: The Video Game was particularly awful, but the Windows release of Terminator: Resistance received positive reviews and some negative feedback for the console’s version of the game. Luckily, the newly released trailer for RoboCop: Rogue City shows promise that gaming adaptations aren’t necessarily that awful.