The Sci-Fi Expendables: We Recruit The Ultimate Team Of SF Badasses

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Sly Stallone and damn near every other aging action star on the planet took to the big screen again this past weekend in The Expendables 3. We can take that franchise or leave it, but we do have to admit we love the concept of uniting a team of utter badasses from assorted franchises we know and love (or love to hate). So let’s eject Stallone, Statham, and the rest and instead assemble the ultimate Sci-Fi Expendables team, the first and only people you need to call if you need some dirty deeds done right (but not dirt cheap). The GFR team put our heads together to figure out who should make the team, and after some arguing, a lot of swearing, and one really undignified slap-fight, we came up with 16 candidates…the same number of folks on the Expendables 3 poster. Here’s who made the cut.

SarahConnorSarah Connor
When you first met Sarah Connor, she was a meek, mild-mannered waitress just sort of floating aimlessly through her life. Encounters with a vicious, single-minded cyborg from the future, sent back to hunt you down so your son is never born, have a way of changing that. Over the course of the first two movies in the Terminator movies, Sarah transforms into a serious action star, teaching herself all manner of combat and survival skills, actively seeking out any and all knowledge that might help her in her one-woman war against Cyberdyne Systems and a future ruled by human-hunting machines. Basically, she’s a perfect addition to your team of mercs, and will always be working to improve her already ample skill set and add to the team.

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