Guardians Of The Galaxy: Eight Things We Learned From The 17-Minute Preview

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Star-LordChris Pratt Was Absolutely The Right Choice For Star-Lord
A lot of people were dubious when Gunn cast “that guy from Parks & Recreation” as his leading man, but those people are going to be eating crow come August 1. Pratt of course bulked up for the role, and I have no doubt we’ll get to see him kick some ass later in the film, but in this early sequence he’s mostly comic relief. He’s definitely the least capable of the Guardians, to the extent that his prison-break mission from Rocket proves to be…well, let’s just say my favorite out-of-context line from the footage is Rocket asking Quill, “What did he look like hopping around?” Quill being in over his head early on gives him room to grow and change into the leader we know he’ll become, but he definitely isn’t that guy initially…and Pratt is perfectly suited to play that sort of character.

He also exudes the same sort of easy charm as Harrison Ford as Han Solo or Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds…which makes sense, given that Quill/Star-Lord is a similar sort of character. But beyond being funny and effortlessly likable, we also get a sense that Pratt will be able to deliver the heavier stuff as well. That bit from the trailers where the big guard pops on Quill’s Walkman and Quill freaks out about it? It’s played as a joke, sure, but Pratt’s performance also goes to a very raw place. You get a sense of very real pain and vulnerability from Quill — you may not understand why that Walkman and the music is so important to him, but he absolutely sells the reality that it is.

Between this and Jurassic World, this dude is about to be a huge movie star.

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