Gravity Astounds Us Again With A Heart-Pounding New Trailer

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Seriously, I’m glad that I’m never standing out in a crowd when watching a Gravity trailers for the first time. Someone could probably pick my pockets and place a live grenade inside my gaped-open mouth while every female I’ve ever fantasized about stood nearby, saying my name. For at least two minutes, I’m completely closed off from the rest of the world, much like Sandra Bullock’s character Dr. Ryan Stone in this outstanding U.K. trailer. Only I’m in my living room instead of hurtling through space. We’re both wearing spacesuits though.

A lot of what we’ve seen of Gravity so far has been clips, really, with much of the footage taken from one of director Alfonso Cuaron’s extended takes during the spacecraft’s destruction and Stone’s eventual disorientation as she flips around in the dark. I kind of thought that’s all we’d get before the film’s release, as a way of keeping the anticipation high, with the audience’s knowledge of the events at a minimum. But this trailer is full of new and exciting moments, both during the destruction and beyond. We even get a huge Warner Bros. symbol and everything.

Initially, I was put off by all the noise that’s happening, given space is silent, just like the opening text reaffirms for anyone who forgot. I’d buy it if we were just supposed to be hearing everything that Stone is hearing, but then there’s also dramatic music accompanying it. Perhaps the music and the heartbeats are done merely for the trailer, and it’s all absent in the final cut. However, a cacophony of hubbub does tend to put one on edge while hearing Bullock’s panicked yelps over George Clooney’s attempts at being soothing. The day I go to see Gravity in theaters, I’ll have to wear gloves so as not to dig my nails into the sides of the plastic cup holders around my seat.

At least, that’s the primal feeling that I hope this film inspires. Early buzz for the film, from early screenings and from the Venice and Telluride film festivals, is overwhelmingly positive, with nearly everyone praising several aspects of it. I’d expect nothing less from Cuaron, if mostly because he’s taken this long to make a follow up to Children of Men.

Over at GeekTyrant, they posted a bunch of stills for the film, some of which would make gorgeous wall art if, in fact, anyone had a Gravity-themed house. Take a look at some of them below. The first is my favorite, as the characters are unbelievably fragile in that moment.

gravity still

gravity still destruction

gravity still 3

gravity still 2

gravity still bullock