Godzilla Attacks This Magazine Cover And Unleashes His Mighty Roar

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

godzilla empire coverScience fiction and horror are genres that are nearly exclusive in making fans absolutely rabid for the visual aspects of the film, almost as much as the story itself. While I’m certainly interested in watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and others in David Ayer’s upcoming action extravaganza Sabotage, I don’t particularly care what it looks like at this point. Godzilla, on the other hand, could show audiences its big baddie from all angles, like this toy and poster, and I’d still be clamoring for more. More scales! More teeth! More ROAR! Thankfully, the April issue of Empire Magazine showcases the destructive lizard on the cover, and they’re using one of the most striking images of Godzilla that you’ve ever seen. Someone needs to make a wall-size poster of this immediately; I’ll start building LEGO skyscrapers to go under it.

The mighty beast stands in front of a city with a reverse image of the Japanese flag in the background. I’m guessing the white background and the red sun didn’t look as awesome. He’s got his back to us, with his giant tail seemingly resting on our computer desks, but he is at least courteous enough to look back and acknowledge our presence. To me, it looks like he’s saying, “Hello, everyone. I’m having a fabulous day today, and I so hope you’re doing the same. I simply must get back to these biscuits in the oven.” Or maybe he’s just breaking the windows of those attack helicopters with his signature roar. Come to think of it, that one seems far more likely.

For anyone wanting to hear that epic roar, your ears need not travel any farther than the file below, uploaded to the film’s official SoundCloud page. Turn those speakers as loud as you can handle it, but take note that this is one of the most massive sound bites on the Internet right now. So don’t be surprised if all of your pets and/or small children go running out of the house screaming in fear.

I think I hear helicopters flying over my house after playing it three times in a row. Bryan Cranston better be in one of them. He stars in Gareth Edwards’ upcoming reboot, along with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Sally Hawkins, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, and David Strathaim. The details of the plot are still being kept under wraps, but Edwards did tell Empire a little bit about how they recreated Godzilla’s iconic look.

“Trying to get the face right was the main thing,” Edwards said. “I guess he’s got more of a bear’s face, or a dog’s. We also used eagle. There’s a lot of nobility in an eagle. It made him feel very majestic and noble.”

You can find this issue on magazine racks February 27, and you can experience the roar in person when Godzilla stomps through theaters on May 16.